Friday, December 31, 2010

Evaluating SaaS Solutions: A Checklist for Small and Midsized Enterprises

Evaluating SaaS Solutions: A Checklist for Small and Midsized Enterprises

Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC) has posted an article on a paper from Saugatuck Technology which discusses relevant criteria for evaluating SaaS solutions targeting small and mid size firms, and raises key questions that should be asked. It is important to ensure that a SaaS solution is well aligned with business requirements, and can accommodate change and growth. The paper also provides an evaluation template for executives to use in conducting evaluations of SaaS solutions.

What seems most relevant is the research a company should do to prepare for a change in ERP solutions.  Whether or not it is hosted (SAAS) or in-house, any solution should match the business model in place for a three to five year span and have the capacity to change evolve to meet new challenges and business growth.

VAI's S2K product is available in both in-house and hosted versions.  No software is perfect, but the ability to customize the software to meet current and future needs.  The development staff is always evaluating new technologies to see how they best can be incorporated to increase operational efficiencies, and thus increase profits.

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