Monday, February 11, 2019

Surveys Are No Substitute for Actually Talking to Customers

Surveys Are No Substitute for Actually Talking to Customers 
Graham Kenny, Harvard Business Review
Traditional online surveys and questionnaires have been popular for customer feedback, but they may not be the most effective.   Learn from a top consultant about why talking to customers online and in person, often in a one-on-one setting, is the best method for feedback because of the amount and the quality of information you would never get from a typical questionnaire.   

Friday, February 8, 2019

Video Pics from our staff...

Video Pics from our Staff
Robots that Disinfect
Now your personal robot can clean your sheets from bacteria 

Can Your T-Shirt Do This?
Augmented reality is reaching down to the basic t-shirt
Get Off My Lawn
Sensor and wifi-enabled, this robot will have your lawn cut to impress

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Why Googling Yourself Is Not Just for Fun Anymore

Why Googling Yourself Is Not Just for Fun Anymore
Yoav Vilner, Entrepreneur
Google searching our own names isn’t just a game anymore.  This is a common practice for millions of individuals, but there are higher stakes involved now.  20% of people find outdated info about themselves and 12% are unpleasantly surprised about what they find when they do a simple Google search.  This inaccurate or embarrassing information can hinder a job application or your business from growing.  Removing personal content from Google searches can be a complicated process; nevertheless, it is vital to protect ourselves from cyber criminals who can finely tune a personalized scam.

Monday, February 4, 2019

Are Your Passwords Strong Enough?

Are Your Passwords Strong Enough?
Adam Levine, Inc.
The use of passwords to protect online accounts isn’t going anywhere soon.  According to a study last year by SplashData, however, of the 5 million passwords that were compromised by hacks last year, many of those hacks occurred because the user created “weak” passwords, such as ‘password’, ‘sunshine’, or the ever-popular ‘12345’.  Read more about why strong passwords are so important, and learn six simple rules in selecting passwords to protect information.