Wednesday, April 20, 2011

IBM Systems Magazine - Build or Buy?

IBM Systems Magazine - Build or Buy?

Michael Ryan writes an interesting and timely article about software evolution. The article does not go into great detail, nor should it. This is not the forum, that would be a White-Paper. What is interesting is that we seem to have come full circle in software without realizing what has happened.

In the "old" days computing was relatively expensive so companies used what Michael says was time-sharing. This gave companies a budget amount to schedule each month. They also gave up some flexibility which created a need to develop systems in-house.

Developing systems in-house increased expenses, but gave total flexibility. This sometimes presents the problem in having have enough talent available to take advantage of the latest trends in computing. 

Enter software companies and their evolution of creating prepackaged software. We write about Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions here, but many exist. These can sometimes have the disadvantage of forcing a company to change their business practice or risk instability in making modifications.

Today we see Software as a Service (SAAS) offerings. There are as many benefits as there are disadvantages to these solutions. Each case needs to be evaluated.

Dolvin works with companies to see what solutions fit specific challenges. We encourage you to read the full article and then contact us to see how we can help you find the best-fit solution.

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