Monday, October 3, 2011

Enterprise Resource Planning Software Solutions

Best practice solutions for the Manufacturing, Wholesale, and Retail Industries.

Solutions that drive your efficiency and profitability.  See what S2K’s customer say about their solutions:
·         Leverage technology to improve business processes.
·         Solid system, solid platform (Reliable).
·         We know what we shipped is what the customer ordered.
·         We have real time information about our inventory.
·         We have real time information about customer orders.
·         Customer service loves it.
·         Inventory has never been so accurate.
·         Streamlined, more efficient.
·         Fewer returns, fewer miss picks.
·         More orders out each day at a faster pace.
·         We are 99% accurate right now.
·         Transactions in, transactions out, everything is complete.
·         User friendly.

We partner with you to meet your business objectives.  We work to have the best relationship possible as your partner.  Dolvin Consulting, VAI, IBM and You!

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