Monday, February 20, 2012

Gain Superior Inventory Management

Gain Superior Inventory Management, Increased Internal Efficiency and Greater Customer Satisfaction.

Sid Harvey’s is a leading wholesaler of refrigeration, air conditioning and heating equipment and parts, operating 75 outlets in 18 states. The company maintains a huge inventory of more than 50,000 items that includes HVAC equipment, refrigerating equipment, ice machines, valves, motors, pumps, controls, instruments and numerous other components that are used by the comfort industry to keep its customers warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

We do not buy technology, we buy solutions that run the company.  We think of it in terms of our customers.  The system will be running when they come to us.  The system is transparent to our employees as well as our customers.  It is friendly to both.

We needed somebody we could talk to, that would listen and understand our needs.

We were looking for a new solution to consolidate our branches.  The choice was to deploy multiple systems throughout the country or one centralized system in our headquarters.  We reviewed our operations and management responsibilities and decided that one system that ultimately gave us better response time was the answer.

It used to take more than eight hours each night to upload, process and download data between our headquarters and branch offices.  Now we have a real-time system.  We get alerts when stock levels reach certain levels.

The IBM I-Series solution has been so reliable.  We really do not have to worry about the system.  We can devote our efforts to our customers.  We needed a fully integrated system including an E-Business solution and the IBM solution integrated everything.

Our conversion was seamless.  We now have greater internal efficiency, higher support levels which have resulted in increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

We have tighter control of inventory, high demand products are more readily available, and the elimination of some paperwork has freed us up to focus on our customer’s needs.

We hear these concerns from so many people.  You read about these concerns in numerous articles.  It is top of mind.  Companies need solutions.  IBM itself has reinvented itself again to focus on solutions, not hardware.  The hardware is like a bus.  It comes along for the ride and gets you from Point-A to Point-B.  It has to be reliable, but most importantly, it has to let the business focus on their customers, not the technology.

Companies have a lot invested in their current solutions, and might be taking a big risk changing all of that.  Most would rather struggle with the inefficiencies than take advantage of new solutions out of fear of failure.  If a new solution does not work, you might end up out of business or at least out of a job.

If you ask this company if they are happy, they probably would say that they wish they had changed so much sooner.  This is one of the highest complements a solution provider can hear.  It does not mean there was no risk or that there were not issues along the way.  It means they had people with a vested interest in their success working with their team to make sure the solution was a good fit that addressed their concerns and fit their budget. 

There had to be good, if not great, communication and collaboration between the various parties involved in the solution.  This type of interaction is the goal of Dolvin Consulting.  No false promises. Let us look at your challenges and define your needs, then find the best solution available that meets your budget. 

We will help you plan the solution and work with you every step of the way.  Contact us to see how we are different.  No one wants to spend unnecessary funds, however, most will agree that investing in a consultant is far less expensive than canceling a project that has run out of control, over budget, and caused the company to lose market share.

The ball is in your court.  You need to take the first step.  We feel that we can help and want to hear you say that working with Dolvin has been the best part of our solution.

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