Monday, March 24, 2014

Fix and Found

What happens when you find an operational deficiency, you investigate options, implement changes and then find that your challenges were bigger than you originally thought?


One day long ago your organization struggled with manual processing and systems that did not work well together.  A hodge-podge of separate systems, inefficiencies, duplication of effort and accuracy issues. 


Your struggles led you on a path of discovery.  You took a serious look at yourself to see what your business does to generate revenue, how it operates and what changes could be made to drive new efficiencies and profitability.  After a period of elimination you made a selection of a new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution to address and fix the challenges.


The changes worked their magic and after all the pain of transition everything seemed to work well and then your company started to grow even more.  The old systems were, in fact, a constraint on growth.


What you found was that your focus was on the greatest pain in your operations.  Good place to start.  Fix the pain and move on.  What happens when your remove one bottleneck? 




Great, but what about your ERP solution?  What about the next bottleneck?


Was the solution you took so much time to choose able to address this new growth?  It was designed to address your biggest challenge.  Your business grew and along the way you discovered that your new solution allowed you to fix and address other challenges that you did not realize were actually impacting business. 


Your business grew even more.


Really great, but what about your ERP solution?


A great, not just good, partnership with your ERP solution provider is a key ingredient in success.  A smart solution provider will take the time to ensure that your solution will not only fix your current issues, but will also tap their experience to know where you next struggle threshold will likely occur and ensure the solution provided will grow with your growth. 


A really good find is when the solution that you selected has the ability to address new challenges that will inevitably show up and grow with you. 


The solution enabled you to grow and grew with you.


You have a mutually beneficial relationship with your ERP solution provider.  Both of your futures depend on your success.  If they do not have that commitment then what investment are you really making?


Dolvin Consulting works with industry experts to help you identify your current and future challenges and then helps you select the right solution.  The process starts with a self assessment and evaluation of how you are currently operating.  You then need to picture what life would be like with a new solution.  Your business needs to know where you are today and where you want to end up.  It is how we roadmap a solution for the future.  Contact us today to start the conversation.  We care and are here to help.   Let us show you the roadmap to growth.


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