Friday, December 10, 2010

Fear of Change

Fear of Change

Does your company face any of these dilemmas?
·         Question if they should replace their aging system(s) or live with it despite its deficiencies?
·         Not want to relieve a previous bad experience?
·         Not want to stress their personnel with learning a new system or technology?
·         Make excuses about why new software is not needed?

Top issues:
·         Fear limits selection of new computer systems.
o    Fear of change is often traced to the Information Technology department.
o    Complacency using their existing equipment, reluctance to learn new technologies. 
o    Not sure if new equipment meets their reliability requirements. 
o    Afraid their jobs will be outsourced or not needed.
·         Wrong choices lead to business disruptions and financial losses.
o    Previous bad experiences and losses from incorrect decisions create fear that history will be repeated.
o    At what point does the continued losses become more than the cost of a new system? 
o    You know tough decisions need to be made, but fear holds you back.

The reasons for change:
·         Newer, integrated systems provide management the ability to make informed decisions.  Decisions based on facts and known metrics, not gut-feelings.
·         Loss of profits due to poor inventory management and customer management.
·         Compounded losses add up.
·         Accepting errors as the cost of doing business.
·         Increased efficiencies lead to lower operating costs. 
·         Either sales volumes must increase or profit margins must change if the company is going to survive without making necessary changes.
·         Manual processes should be replaced with automated systems to reduce errors and labor overhead without sacrificing customer support.

You decide:
Do you feel that, in order to compete in today’s market, having a system that integrates the supply chain, warehouse operations, ecommerce, back office/financial integration, would offset the effect of increased operating costs, lost sales, excess or misplaced inventory, and additional expenses that lower your profit margin?

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