Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Six questions to review when evaulating new software

Six questions to ask as you begin your review of a new software solution:

As you start your evaluation of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, get answers to these six questions:

1. What types of business are supported?
Many solutions are tailored and fit a specific business model.  Will you change your operations to match the software or update the software to match your business?

2. Are any secondary components required?
What modules are included, which third-party solutions are needed?  What is included in the base package?

3. What are are the variable costs if you grow beyond the initial configuration?
Pricing is sometimes complex.  Is it user based, processor based, both?  What are the initial costs and annual maintenance costs?  Do the third-party solution providers bill you or is the software company responsible?

4. What additional hardware or software is required?
Any solution needs both hardware and software.  Whether the solution is hosted or in-house are there any trade-offs in performance?  Nothing worse than an installed system that makes you wait too long for reports or has your employees wasting time waiting for the next screen to display.

5. Who installs the product and provides technical support?
Does the software company, authorized dealer, or are you responsible?  Find out now who does what and if this very important step has been included in the quoted fees.  A dedicated project manager should be assigned to help manage the project.

6. How many companies use the system?
Ask for client references.  You may or may not find an exact match for your request, but it is fair to ask for a list of installed clients.  Verify they have a quality solution.  Was it installed in a timely and quality manner?  No software is error proof, find out about the technical support, make a test call. 

The final question to ask any reference is if they would recommend the solution.

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