Monday, January 3, 2011

VAI ERP Solutions

VAI Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solutions:

S2K Enterprise is a fully integrated ERP solution with a Warehouse Management System that offers a complete solution for tracking and controlling inventory. Businesses need faster turn around time, real time information, warehouse accuracy, fewer returns and the latest technology to make this all come together.

Distribution, Retail, Manufacturing, Service & Repair, Warehouse Management, E-Commerce, Web Portal, Salesforce Automation, Mobility, Accuracy, Efficiency, Productivity, Security & Scalability.

While no solution is a perfect fit for every business challenge, VAI's S2K solution which runs on IBM's mid range platform does provide the framework for growth. 

VAI  business partner Dolvin Consulting works with their clients to offers training, support services, software updates and technology offerings which enable their clients to take advantage of available technologies to drive efficiency in operations.

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