Wednesday, February 23, 2011

ERP Systems: It shapes, and should be shaped by, its users.

Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC) has posted an entry on their blog that is worth a few minutes to review. 

Open University PhD candidate Gabrielle Ford has a new perspective on why, despite an abundance of expert insight, so many ERP implementations continue to fail.

The article points out what we all know, but seem to forget when we see fancy presentations.  The article points out that: "Management needs to remember that an ERP system, like all technology, is a sociotechnical system: it shapes, and should be shaped by, its users".

People are the key.  Get consensus from the users that this change will help them give more value to the company and they will feel empowered and will want to do what ever it takes to help.

Treat your people like people and they will treat you like a person.

Dolvin Consulting works with companies to make sure the proposed solution fits. 
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