Monday, February 28, 2011

McClarin Plastics, Inc.: S2K for Manufacturing

McClarin Plastics, Inc.: S2K for Manufacturing

S2K for Manufacturing includes powerful forecasting software that eliminates time-consuming manual processes for McClarin...

McClarin Plastics, Inc. is a recognized leader in the custom design and manufacture of Thermoformed and Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic products and components. For over 50 years, McClarin Plastics has been helping companies locally, nationally, and internationally find creative solutions using plastics and reinforced plastics applications. S2K’s centralized database with secured access allows the company’s information to flow in real-time fashion.

McClarin is another example of how a great company such as VAI works with its customers to understand their needs and find and apply the appropriate solution.

Dolvin hopes that it can fulfill your technology challenges.
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