Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The 5 Critical Points for ERP Success

The 5 Critical Points for ERP Success

To the point.  This two page article from Focus highlights the importance of doing an in depth analysis of any Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementation project.  ERP solutions encompass all departments in an organization, so concensus is critical.

What is it you hope to achieve from implementing a system?  Business value, not just a technical investment. Is this solution a good fit for our organization?  Do you mold your business to the software or software to the business? 

Change is one of the most difficult things to do as an individual, now multiple that by a large number and you can understand the scope of change needed for an organization to manage.  As bad as it may be, it is often preferrable to trying to upgrade an older existing system.  Sometimes it is better to start fresh where everything is designed to work with each other.

Success will depend a lot on training and documentation.  Training makes sense for anything new, but documentation is a critical business process to complete on your existing system as well as new.  How will you know if the new system can process your workload, if you do not know what you do now.

Top management needs to be involved.  Leadership starts at the top and everyone inevitably gets some level of frustration during an ERP analysis and implementation.  With today's economy how many of us are already time constrained from doing multiple jobs for the same compensation.  Leaders, lead.  Get involved, make sure everyone knows your vision of the future and how this project will streamline operations and make life more manageable.

To build success, expierenced consultants like Dolvin Consulting, can use their knowledge and industry contacts to manage the technical challenges and guide you in discussion to gain support for change.  Remember that you are ultimately responsible for the success or failure of any project and if your ERP project is too large or complicated, then it is best to reevaluate.

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