Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Should hardware play a role in your software selection?

Should hardware play a role in your software selection?

A recent post from the Technology Evaluation Center (TEC) highlight that there are alternatives to “Big ERP Platforms”.  The article specifically talks about Unit4 Coda and their solution and approach to financial systems and cost effectiveness.  Click here to read the article.

One could debate the merits and detriments of their solution, but what really matters is what fits any given organizations challenges on the near term and long term planning horizons.  Do you mold your business process to a solution or alter the solution to meet your operations.  That too can be debated.

One of the real gems from the recent posting and the reason for this post is to call attention to a computing platform that was designed for business computing.  Specifically, IBM I or I5 or Iseries or AS400 depending on how long you have been around.

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There are many seemingly inexpensive computing platforms available today that have lower upfront costs, but when you add in administration, maintenance, growth and a whole host of other factors, the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) can and should be evaluated.  Again, that material would fill volumes.

But wait, why this posting?  Unit4 Coda has been developing and updating its software for their customers over the last 23 years and still runs today on the same platform. 

Pause for a moment and think about that number (23). 

Are you using anything else that has been around that long?  Maybe an adding machine, but computing platform?  Agreed that the underlying hardware has evolved, but you can take code written on day one on that platform, place it on today’s machine and it will run just the same, but a bit faster I would imagine.  Of course, the reverse in not true.  Today’s applications often take advantage of new features to bring new functionality and the resources may not have existed way back when.

So, should you base your software decision on hardware alone?  Probably not, but you should not ignore the advantages of a platform designed for business.

We at Dolvin would like to learn where your challenges lay and help you navigate to a stable future. 

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