Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Network Security Checklist

This two page report from Cisco highlights the need to review your network security.  Of course there is more to security than just wires.  This is a good starting reference point.  Start with the checklist, then use your consultant to help you navigate this field.  Your consultant may be able to help directly or by generating a referral to someone or who can connect with the needed resources.

As the article points out, start by identifying key areas and take a step by step approach.  Security is not just a technical issue, it is a business continuity issue.  This is part of operating a business in today's world.  No less important than sales or marketing.

Small companies do not fly under the radar anymore.  Any vulnerabilities will eventually be found and exploited.

The article makes several good points, some noted already, and another important one is to focus on Return-On-Value (ROV), not Return-On-Investment (ROI). 

Consider the harm a breach will do to your business.  Lost revenue, litigation.  Loss of customer confidence is likely going to be more costly than the remediation costs.

Do not make the mistake of taking a piece by piece approach.  Your organization is going to need a unified strategy.  That is where your consultant will be able to help.  Remember that a significant portion of attacks come from internal sources (employees).

In addtion to the questions asked in the article, you may consider answering the questions below.


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  • What software and/or applications do you use to prevent a cyber attack?
  • What measures do you take to ensure your security and information is not infiltrated by hackers?
  • Are you prepared in the event a breach does occur?
  • How would you inform your clients and customers if a breach happened at your company?
  • What would you do to gain back the trust and confidence of your clients and customers?
  • Do you use any type of virtual space to hide and protect your documents?
  • Are you in compliance with state and federal pre- and post-breach requirements?
  • Do you know what a Written Information Security Plan (WISP) is?

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