Friday, June 17, 2011

WISP Vault - A Smart Solution for Protecting Your WISP Data

WISP Vault - A Smart Solution for Protecting Your WISP Data

Whether you are a company large or small, data breaches to Privacy Information are always possible as long as the human element is involved.

With data breaches becoming an almost every day occurrence, businesses of all sizes need a surefire alternative to keeping their Written Information Security Plans, files and information protected while following state and federal requirements. From state-to-state, a Written Information Security Policy (WISP) is required of organizations and establishments that must include how the WISP Plan will prevent such compromises (pre-breach) and what to do after a breach happens (post-breach). Failure to comply will result in hefty fines. Congress is cracking down on such offenses and businesses are the ones who have to pay, meanwhile, precious information which has been stolen can cost you more than just money. How will you tell your customers and clients that their personal information has been hijacked?

Now there is a smarter way to work with key-company critical data. Dolvin Consulting in partnership with Cyber Security Auditors & Administrators (CSA2), along with BMC Group, proudly introduces the WISPvault.

What separates this data security concept from any other is the highest protection for your WISP Plan, files and materials at efficient cost-conscious pricing, which puts you in control. A complete set up is easy and requires little time.  There are numerous customizable layouts and the feature-rich intuitive Windows-based interface offers dragand-drop capability, as well as other simple to operate features.

The WISPvault is effortless to update and only takes minutes. There is the option of managing it yourself or having a knowledgeable team assist you. A special team is assigned to you for the life of your site. Support is available 24/7 to answer any questions and aid in solving problems to keep your vault running smooth. The WISPvault offers the highest caliber of security with sophisticated encryption software, multiple firewalls, and powerful virus detectors and geographically dispersed secure servers.

Encompassing all aspects of cyber security, the WISPvault is the easiest method for executives; advisors and decision-makers to quickly access secure data. This essential solution allows businesses to stay a step ahead of the hackers and avoid breaches that are low cost and simple to navigate. You are at risk of being breached?  Can you afford not to have your data protected?

Written by Alan Heyman, CSA2 Managing Director

For further information, please contact: Dolvin Consulting

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