Friday, July 8, 2011

Cybercrime: A Global Calamity

According to M86 Security, we face a global malware epidemic from which no organization is immune.  While cybercrime techniques become more sophisticated, dynamic and targeted, most security vendors have struggled to keep pace.

In fact, cybercrime has escalated by more than 400% since 2007 alone — leaving organizations vulnerable to damaging malware attacks, which can result in noncompliance issues, financial loss and expensive reputation damage control.

To get the full picture of the security industry, download this special report – The Global Malware Problem: Complacency Can be CostlyIn it you’ll find the results of a survey conducted by Osterman Research and M86 Security that aimed to understand what your peers think about the security in their organizations. The results indicate that perception is far from reality.

Here is just one of many interested notes in the White paper:  Many decision makers and influencers believe they have little or nothing to worry about in the context of breaches or network downtime, despite the fact that most organizations have experienced malware attacks.

The dynamic nature of the security landscape today is why Dolvin Consulting works with Cyber Security Auditors and Administrators (CSA2) to offer cyber risk management and solutions for best industry practices.

CSA2's Expertise includes:
  • Basic analysis of current cyber risk coverage gaps through a secure online questionnaire.
  • Identification of potential future gaps in risk coverage in conjunction with our insurance partners.
  • Matching exposures to these potential gaps to provide detail analysis of risks identified.
  • Designing risk management solutions that will also provide education seminars for our clients personnel.
  • Develop a tailored Written Information Security Policy (WISP).
  • Provide a complete end-to-end security solution through our IBM Internet Security Solutions Platinum Channel partners.
If you are concerned about your risk potential and the impact it can have on your business, contact us by clicking here.

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