Friday, July 15, 2011

How do you put a price on loss of customer loyalty, goodwill, and trust?

Data Protection Standards Changing for Database Marketers

Globalization of consumer data intrusion seems to be the unifying result of the data breaches we have been hearing about lately.  No way of telling how many breaches have yet to be discovered or will simply not be reported. 

PCI or Credit Card compliance standards are not enough.  Malware plays a big role.  The economy is tight and there just are not sufficient funds to address the growing sophistication of the attacks.  Data theft is more akin to high volume low amounts, than low volume and big amount.  The thefts are designed to fly below the radar of detection for long periods of time. 

Associates, employees, and human error all play a part in this puzzle.  The practical approach is to start with a Written Information Security Plan (WISP).  This written plan is a regulated must that prepares organizations of all sizes to assess their risk potential and to take a proactive approach to the post-breach remediation. 

Prepare now and gather your resources before they are needed.  Have you ever seen the movie where the woman, in a panic, runs around yelling "What's the number for 911"?

The article linked above makes several good points and is worth the time to read.  Just do not expect to be able to fall asleep easily.  Once you open the door, you probably will not be able to close it anymore.

Contacting Dolvin is your first step in being prepared.  We utilize our partnerships with industry experts to help you navigate the ever changing landscape of technology.

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