Monday, December 19, 2011

Forecasting Software that Eliminates Time-consuming Manual Processes

McClarin Plastics, Inc. is a recognized leader in the custom design and manufacture of Thermoformed and Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic products and components.  For over 50 years McClarin Plastics has been helping companies locally, nationally, and internationally find creative solutions using plastics and reinforced plastics applications.  VAI’s S2K centralized database with secured access allows the company’s information to flow in real-time fashion.

Secure, centralized database.  Part of the key features that made S2K Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software a good fit for the challenges of McClarin included a secure centralized database that is shared with everyone in the company.  This is one of the primary goals of any ERP solution.  Collect data in a central repository where it can be managed, shared and utilized to drive efficiency across the enterprise. 

The more people know what each other are doing, the better they communicate and the better the efficiency of operations.  The left hand knows what the right hand is doing.

Lean manufacturing and growth.  The aggressive move towards a lean manufacturing profile has enabled better customer service and has fostered growth.  McClarin’s customer demands have necessitated the change to stay competitive.  The Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP) module is used to evaluate demand in all areas.  Orders now flow through the system and all manufacturing steps more efficiently. 

Change is a difficult thing to accept.  Not initially considered to be user friendly, barcode scanning has helped eliminate manual entries have sped up processes.  It is now and integral part of operations.

Flexible system.  VAI has produced a flexible system and is quick to respond to their customer’s needs and has produced a system that grows with them.  A good investment and robust package at a given price point.  The software is flexible enough to operate as a tool for the company versus the company having to modify its processes to fit the software.  McClarin enjoys the collaboration.

Capable software that is a great fit for this company’s challenges.  It is what every manufacturer hopes for.  Core strength to drive efficiencies, reduce costs and delivered in such a way that there is a reasonable Return on Investment (ROI). 

I cannot promise you anything, but McClarin is a great example of what happens when a company takes the time to engage with someone that becomes a trusted advisor.  Dolvin Consulting works with manufacturers, distributors and specialty retailers to help them find solutions that improve efficiencies, reduce costs and increase profits.  Contact us today to see how we can help you.

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