Monday, December 5, 2011

Bega Lighting: S2K for Manufacturing

BEGA is the source of a broad range of lighting products. Through a joint venture partnership with BEGA in Germany, BEGA-US designs, builds and distributes the BEGA product line in the US from their state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and corporate offices located in Carpinteria, CA.

Most every Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system promises efficiency across the enterprise by implementing a central repository of information which helps to streamline operations, reduce costs and make companies more profitable. 

Delivering on that promise is often more difficult.  People are typically the culprit, because people are not machines, they have good days and bad days.  They have to interact with one another and the demands of the enterprise, suppliers and of course customers.

Like a good fitting glove, VAI’s S2K solution was a good fit for Bega, because it had the ability to consolidate all their information in one place versus having their data scattered in different locations.  The system provides audit trails and as a manufacturer they are able to take advantage of Material Requirement Planning (MRP) and Capacity Requirement Planning (CRP) modules.  These modules allow Bega to see and understand their requirements so they can optimize their scheduling.

Customer service is improved with automated notifications.  They can process orders much more quickly, provide estimated ship dates, tracking information and provide after-order service.  The need to create daily spread sheets to track orders was eliminated due to having all the needed information in the system.

Increased output, productivity and greatly improved inventory accuracy improve the bottom line.  They were able to maintain a consistent staff level while in a period of growth due to the improvements this ERP system provided. 

Simplified computing infrastructure with IBM’s Power System (I5, Iseries, AS400 midrange platform) reduced the complexities of supporting a modern ERP system.  The system provides ample computing power optimized for business application processing, stability and a virus free environment.  The Power system enables Bega to concentrate on their business operations, not their business computer.

VAI’s solution was a good fit for Bega, because it meets their needs for today and the future.  VAI’s support people understood their business challenges and are quick to respond.

Bega’s challenges are not uncommon in the manufacturing world.  In fact most business have similar challenges, it is just a matter of where they are in their growth cycle.  It takes time to build a trusting relationship with any business. 

Dolvin Consulting in conjunction with VAI and IBM take the time to understand your challenges and to make sure there is a good fit with any solution.  We cannot promise you anything, but we will listen and do our very best to help, contact us today to learn more. 

Remember, we do not sell software, we find solutions.

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