Monday, March 26, 2012

Customer Service is Key to Success

Montebello Foods has a need to automate their warehouse, adjust pricing while monitoring food expiration realizes they need a better solution so they can make their customers happy.  Montebello has many of the classic symptoms that Food Distributors have. 

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Manual processing is the door way to mistakes, cost overruns, lost profits and unhappy customers.  In comparison a system that streamlines operations and tracks and manages their inventory in real-time is a step forward.  Tracking inventory both inbound and outbound adds confidence to their processing that the customer will receive the right order on-time and you maintain the right inventory levels.

The right partner for Montebello is similar to Montebello’s customers finding the right supplier for their needs.  Eliminating manual processing was a key step.  Integrating the truck routing in the ERP solution was also a key ingredient.  The fact that Routing was integrated and up and running quickly ensured that a good Return on Investment (ROI) would occur.

Improved warehouse processes and accuracy increased the amount of inventory that could be picked by 40% each hour.  That is a tremendous improvement.  40 percent increase in anything is great.  Why, how about labor savings and increased access to real-time information?

What is nice about the relationship of VAI and Montebello is the working relationship they developed.  VAI helped to streamline processes that Montebello did not even know could be improved.  There is value in a relationship that is symbiotic.   VAI’s care for Montebello is similar to their care for their customers.

VAI was not simply happy to make a sale.  They took the time to learn and understand how Montebello worked and determine their challenges.  They had Montebello’s best interest, their end customers, in mind when developing and delivering their solution. 

Making customer service and happy customers a priority is always a good idea.  Really, think about it.  No really, this is an exercise.  How happy are you when you receive excellent customer service?  How much more likely will you shop someplace that screws up and makes it right?  You become even more loyal, regardless of the problem.  Why?  They treated you like a human being.

People do not care about you until they know you care about them.  They could care less about your company, the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system you have, or anything else.  All they want is friendly service from someone who cares, is responsive to their needs, and will listen.  They care about what your product does for them, not about your product and if you make that a priority you will have happier customers.

When the entire supply chain is empowered with the same care and concern, happy customers are the result.  That is good business in anyone’s language.  In similar fashion Dolvin Consulting cares about the businesses they work with.  What is going to help you, your business, and ultimately your customers is what counts.  Contact us today to seehow we can help.

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