Monday, March 19, 2012

Integrated Sales Force Automation with ERP Solution Increases Customer Satisfaction

“Algoma’s outside sales team likes the ability to look at an account and optionally print the customer’s information, which they can then bring directly to the customer during visits.  Now they can also see the customer Accounts Receivable and sales information all within the same location, without having to navigate around through the regular S2K menu options,” commented Rachel Christian. “It used to take hours before to come up with total sales for a given customer across all companies and now we have it with the click of a button.”

Efficiency, time savings, delivering high customer satisfaction, and better communication are common goals for most organizations.  Who would not want happier customers?  After all they pay the bills.  If you make it easier for your Salesforce to service your customers, everyone wins.

One way an integrated solution helps achieve results is by enabling and tracking all the communications between the internal and external sales force as well as its customer base.  Communication is essential, tracking it is critical to drive efficiency.

Because Algoma selected another module from their existing ERP solution provider, VAI, the implementation time would be less and the solution more cost effective.

The Sales Force application enables their sales force to complete the entire sales process through their portal.  This enables them to react quickly to customer issues and opportunities.  Any customer will like a quick and responsive representative.  Happy customers means more and bigger sales, referrals and loyalty.

The difference between this solution and others that Algoma may have used is the integration.  It becomes a business person’s tool.

Businesses need powerful solutions to drive efficiency.  If the new solution increases the maintenance and requires manual intervention to operate, then there are more places where the solution can fail.  Manual processing costs money and adds time, the opposite of the goals most organizations set.

Dolvin Consulting works with businesses to help them identify areas where integration will create benefit.  Those companies typically struggle with warehouse and inventory control issues or are concerned that they have outgrown manual processes and are looking to improve or streamline their operations.  Contact us today to getstarted.


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