Monday, August 6, 2012

Delivering High Customer Service

“Algoma’s outside sales team likes the ability to look at an account and optionally print the customer’s information, which they can then bring directly to the customer during visits. Now they can also see the customer Accounts Receivable and sales information all within the same location, without having to navigate around through the regular S2K menu options,” commented Rachel Christian.

“It used to take hours before to come up with total sales for a given customer across all companies and now we have it with the click of a button.”

Algoma wanted to increase customer satisfaction by giving its sales team the technology needed to understand the customer and to be able to access all customer related data from a central point.

·         Track all communication between the company’s sales force and customer base.

·         They can react quickly to customer issues and opportunities.

·         Algoma now experiences better communication among its employees.

·         Provides the sales representatives with better information to prepare for their customer calls.

·         One location in the system to document calls and visits to customers.

·         Consolidated customer master file, one record for each customer.

The S2K Sales Force solution reduces the number of phone calls and emails between the inside and outside sales personnel.  Our outside sales team has been very encouraging and had many positive comments regarding the software piece several weeks into the implementation,” said Rachel Christian.

The advantage of VAI’s S2K Sales Force is its integration with the S2K Software.

The integration capabilities that VAI’s S2K ERP offered with its Sales Force product was a deciding factor for us, since we are already running VAI’s S2K Software,” said Rachel Christian, Business System Analyst, Algoma Hardwoods, Inc.  The time to implement VAI’s S2K would be less than other packages, making it more cost effective.”

VAI’s Director of e-Business Development, Todd Endsley, commented, “With VAI’s S2K Sales Force, Algoma has the ability to understand the customer and the account. The difference between S2K Sales Force and any other contact management system is that S2K is fully integrated to S2K Enterprise and it is more than contact management, it is a salesman’s business tool.”

A Sales Force automation product is most beneficial when you have an outside sales team. It’s an information sharing tool between the internal and external sales force which dramatically improves customer service,” said Bob Vormittag Jr., Project Director, VAI.

If happier customers buy more and refer more business, then why would not every company prioritize customer satisfaction? 

Algoma wanted to make their processing more efficient with the underlying goal of increased customer satisfaction.  That is the right motivation.  There are literally hundreds of options that companies can take to increase operational efficiency.  The ones that are successful are the ones that look outside, to serve.

Algoma understood that a fully integrated system would also be a benefit.  Any time people touch data or information, it is going to be corrupted.  You cannot not eliminate errors when humans are involved.  It is in our nature.  Many software solutions have interfaces to automate the exchange of information and those reduce human intervention are the most reliable. 

Algoma had a fortunate opportunity in that they had already selected a partner that would work with them on their schedule to develop, integrate and implement a fully integrated solution.  Picking the right partner is also a customer satisfaction endorsement.  In this case, they were the customer and they passed that satisfaction to their customers.

Dolvin Consulting works with their partners to deliver positive solutions to your challenges.  Contact us today to see how we can help you help your customers.  One simple goal.  Increase customer satisfaction.  We work hard to make you happy so that you can make your customers happy.  A rising tide lifts all ships. 

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