Monday, August 13, 2012

Incompatible Systems vs. Streamlined operations

“We knew that it was time to replace our home-grown disparate software systems with an advanced, flexible solution and were looking for an established, stable company who could help us select, implement and support a replacement system that satisfied all requirements." said Quirepace’s Financial Director Martin Chewter.

 Having evaluated the business issues caused by having disparate systems, a decision was taken to source an integrated system that was robust, proven and scalable to cope with planned future growth, without the potential proliferation of more servers and the associated maintenance and energy costs.

Quirepace came down firmly in favour of the VAI solution, due to its powerful function and ease of use across all areas of the business, a proven track record of installations across the world and the comfort of being marketed in the UK by a relatively local IBM Business Partner, Kingfisher Associates - - based in Dorset.

S2K went live in August 2010 and they now enjoy faster, virtually error-free order processing and business reporting.  Meanwhile, users are happy with the familiar 'Windows' type GUI interface.  As data only has to be entered once, an added benefit is that some members of staff have been released for more important tasks.

VAI's totally integrated ERP system has enabled the business to view data easily across all parts of the system, which is proving a major benefit in streamlining customer service management.

The world over businesses struggle with the same types of issues.  Separate systems and the inefficiencies they create including errors and additional labor.  The need to streamline their operations so they can operate more efficiently, reduce costs and most importantly – improve customer service.  A happy customer is one that becomes loyal and refers new business.  An unhappy customer becomes someone else’s customer.

Most systems start out simply enough.  Start with a server, an application system or software and some training.  This works well and then new business comes along.  This is a good thing.  What challenges many is that the solution does not grow with the company.  New customers have new requirements and additional add-on solutions are incorporated.  Or, in this case there was a company merger.  Regardless many times the solution that once fit like a glove no longer works. 

A new solution becomes easier to manage than the complicated mess of separate systems. 

Dolvin Consulting works with your team to indentify and streamline your computer operations so that you too can reduce costs and become more profitable.  It would be nice to reallocate existing people that already knew your business to areas where they could increase your operational effectiveness rather than hire more people to just break even.  Contact us today to see how we can help.

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