Monday, November 26, 2012

ERP Efficiencies, Accuracy, Timeliness

VAI Customer Quote:

“VAI’s S2K software allowed us to reach phenomenal efficiencies across the organization. The S2K installation dramatically improved nearly every part of our business – from accounting and logistics to inventory and warehouse management. By automating many of these key functions, our team can focus on critical aspects of our business such as sales and customer service. And we feel confident that we can continue our impressive growth trajectory knowing that our business is running as smoothly and efficiently as possible.” Sal Battaglia Director of Operations, Seacore Seafood


All Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution providers claim they can increase efficiencies.  Generally they are correct, if their solution is a good match for a given organization’s challenges.  Finding that match is the hard part.  It takes time to recognize, organize and document your internal processes so that a great fit is made.  Think of this as finding that just-right pair of gloves.   You try on many pairs until you find the one that feels right while also looking to see how that pair will hold up to use and growth.


VAI Key Benefits:

• Rapid implementation.

• More accurate and up-to-the-minute inventory management.

• Real-time consolidated financials.

• Automation of core business functions yielded more time to spend on sales and customer service, allowing for faster growth.

• Timely account receivables management.

• Faster customer delivery rates and reduced order picking time.

• Faster, more accurate order entry.

• Greater inventory accuracy.

• Faster route management processing.

• Full traceability of products.


·         Implementing a solution quickly is a big benefit, but it is the result of careful planning and doing your homework, much like a recipe.  Organize your list, purchase the products, mix carefully, and bake.   

·         In the ERP world, more accurate is a fundamental goal.  Achieving it requires actually using the system as planned.  Have real-time information is a key to staying competitive and providing the customer service your customers are expecting.  This goes for inventory, accounts receivable, order entry, delivery, and all facets of your operations.

·         Automation is the way business stays competitive, fights costs increases, and improves profitability.

VAI Customer Profile:

Seacore Seafood is Canada’s leading importer, distributor and custom processor of fresh and frozen fish, seafood and live lobsters. Since 1987, thousands of wholesale and retail customers have relied on Seacore to provide fresh, high-quality seafood directly from the source – whether its’ Alaskan crab legs, salmon from Ireland, Maine lobster or barramundi sea bass from Australia.

VAI Situation Summary:

• Manual and offline processes used.

• Labor intensive, time consuming processes such as fish cutting, order picking, order entry, and inventory management.

• Accounts Receivables often delayed.

• Complex transportation logistics with perishable items required more efficient route management.

• Active retail, wholesale and consumer businesses required consolidated financial and inventory views to balance needs and requirements of three distinct businesses.


·         Anything manual is prone to errors, increased costs, and loss of customers.

·         Labor intensive processes are costly.  Some are unavoidable, but all should be managed through your system.

·         You do not have to have all of the answers right away, but you do need to know what you do not know and have a plan in place to address the challenges now and in the future.


VAI Customer Objectives:

Fast-growing seafood distributor needed to automate core business processes to drive unmatched growth and improve economies of scale. Seacore also needed to hasten route management, order entry and delivery while improving accounts receivables management and inventory accuracy.

VAI Solution and Modules S2K Enterprise for Food with:

• Distribution Management

• Financial Management

• Manufacturing Management


• Warehouse Management

• Retail Management

• e-Commerce

VAI Third-Party Tools:

CYBRA MarkMagic

VAI Customer Results:

• Immediate financial reports

• 85% Current accounts receivables

• Reduced order picking time by 40%

• Greater inventory accuracy

• Integrated retail and wholesale businesses into one system

• Increased manufacturing by 80%

• Improved customer service and web presence


·         Management needs quick, accurate and high level access to key metrics in any business.  Drill down capabilities allow for the details.

·         Faster access to information means customers do not go over credit limits, are engaged more frequently, with more accurate information and build stronger relationships.

·         Some of the greatest cost savings come from having an accurate inventory.  Ordering is done more accurately, you get and therefore your customers get what they want and need in a reasonable time frame.  

·         You avoid under and overstock situations.


Final thoughts:

Selecting an ERP solution is the culmination of a careful analysis of your organization’s operations, work flow, people, process and history.  What should be included in this analysis and be on top of the list is why your customers do business with you.  What makes you different?  Why should they buy from you?  If you prioritize the results of a survey, the top answer should be quick, efficient, and friendly customer service.

When you look at your customers with mutually vested interests, then you understand why Seacore found a great partner with VAI.  VAI cares as much about Seacore’s business and operations as they do.  Everything they do is in partnership with Seacore.  Seacore has achieved many great results, but their greatest is the untold bond between ERP provider and ERP user. 

Seacore’s people are empowered and use their new tools to deliver great customer service to their customers.  The customers are happier and return over and over again.  In general a happy customer is loyal and tells others how happy they are.  They have their own challenges, just as you do, but your investment in them are seeds planted in fertile soil.

If you do not service your customers, someone else will.

At Dolvin Consulting, we partner with industry experts to first understand your challenges, then second, if the fit is right, bring those solutions to you.  Contact us today to see how we are different.  We believe that we have a mutually vested interest in your success.


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