Monday, November 19, 2012

Streamlined Food Distribution

Supply and Demand Chain website has an article from May about how VAI’s S2K software has helped J. Polep streamline food distribution and manufacturing operations and increase efficiency and profitability.


Streamline operations to reduce cost and increase profitability is why organizations are willing to undergo a transformation in the first place.  How each provider does that varies and some Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems handle the Food industry needs better than others.

“As a top supplier of a host of products ranging from food and beverages, wine and spirits, tobacco, candy and automotive products, J. Polep needed an advanced solution to successfully meet its business objectives,” said Joe Scioscia, Vice President of Sales, VAI.

“S2K for Food provides a technology solution that's specifically designed to meet their industry requirements for food distribution and manufacturing and provides the flexibility and enhanced capabilities to meet their future needs.”

Here is an example of a good fit.  J Polep has growth plans, knows its current processing is inadequate and makes a decision to invest in a system that meets their current needs and provides a flexible growth path for the future.  Both the organization and software have the mutual need and commitment for growth and investment.

“J. Polep was looking for a strong and experienced enterprise software partner to help support the unique requirements of the food manufacturing and distribution industries.“

Any organization looks for a strong partner.  What is challenging is finding a partner that has a mutually vested interest in your success.  A partner that is known for great customer support.  A partner that is and will remain independent and therefore focuses on their customers.  A partner that invests in their product.

“We selected VAI because of their reputation for outstanding customer support, aggressive product development and experience in the food manufacturing and distribution industries,” said Lori Polep, Vice President and Chief Information Officer, J. Polep Distribution Services.

“VAI S2K will give us a complete ERP package and strong support team, which is critical to ensuring our company's ongoing success.”

Great customer support is what your customers expect and it is what you should expect from your EPR solution provider.  A complete package is why you select an ERP solution.  Often companies have good systems, but grow and their systems do not grow with them.  Their old systems become a patchwork of separate systems tied together with increased overhead. 

A “Solution Provider” is an organization that values its customers and invests in itself so that it can provide the best possible customer service.  Your organization and your ERP provider need to have this same goal.  No upgrade is worth doing, unless better customer service and support are at the foundation of those changes.

Dolvin Consulting has a vested interest in your success.  Contact us today to see how we are different.  We are not here to sell you something you do not need.  We are here to help you navigate the constant flux in technology and find solutions to your challenges.


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