Monday, July 15, 2013

Complete ERP Solution

What are people saying about your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution?  Does it improve your bottom line results by leveraging the latest technologies?  Can it run on-site (on premise) or in the Cloud to meet your needs?  Is it an all-in-one solution?  After all is that not what an “Enterprise” solution is supposed to do?  Do your people have anytime anywhere access to the information they need to make intelligent decisions and to get their work done?


Does innovation in your ERP solution accelerate your results?



Video quotes and thoughts:

·         I am a better manager with my employees.  I can clearly see what they are doing.  I never have to wonder if they are working.

o   Productivity improved.  More accurate and on time shipments to your customers.

·         Efficiencies have gone up 47%.

o   This is a key component on making a decision to implement or switch an ERP solution.  To drive efficiencies.  Increased efficiency means lower costs and better profits.  What are they doing with that increase in efficiency?

·         My team is better prepared.

o   Success lives in the details.  The better prepared your team is, the better they are able to handle customer challenges and provide great customer service.

·         Everything went off without a hitch.

o   Great planning and experience from the solution provider which took the time to understand the challenges and impact the solution could bring to make the transition as painless as possible.  Does your ERP provider care about you?

·         Very good forecasting package.

o   Better planning means better operation.  Being able to plan well helps to drive efficiencies.  Having the information and knowing what to do with it is key.  Do you think that a better forecast would lead to better on hand inventory and better customer service?

·         Increase sales volume.

o   Whatever your particular threshold, doing more sales means you are likely running more efficiently and you are delivering great customer service.  There is some reason why the customer are purchasing more.

·         Nothing compares to the Power Systems reliability.

o   Concentrate on your business and customers, not the system it is running on.  One really important consideration about the equipment your solution runs on.  More time for customer service!

·         We were guaranteed speed and uptime.

o   You cannot keep your customers happy, market your product, or compete effectively, if the system you are relying on does not work.  A fast system is nice, but worthless if it is not up and running.  There is a big difference between up and available.  Which do you think your customers prefer?

·         Likes the process as it helps to develop corporate relationships.

o   Of course, people do business with people they like, first and foremost.  That is why a system with integrated functions helps to develop and nurture relationships.  Those relationships lead to more business and happier customers.

·         Flexible ad-hoc reporting. 

o   Built in reports are a nice asset.  Many times ERP systems either have too much or too little information or the information is there, but not in a way that is easily digested.   The ability to see “what-if” and the ability to put that power in the hands of end users is empowering.  What higher level of customer service could you achieve with the right information at your finger tips.

·         The Warehouse Management System (WMS) enables to us to know exactly where every case is located and how many we have.

o   Inventory accuracy is a key component in any system.  Finding the inventory is really important.  On time, accurate shipments, replenishment ordering, labor efficiency are just a few benefits.  From a customer perspective – did I receive what I ordered when it was promised?

·         We are informed about our customers.

o   How do you feel when you purchase and the supplier knows who you are, what you purchased in the past, your buying habits, your budget, what you like and what you do not?  Do you feel special?  Do you feel that they care?  What did they just do to keep you as a happy customer?  Would you want your customers to feel that way about you?

·         Multiplatform coexistence.

o   All in one systems are a great asset and help to drive efficiency, however, there are many legitimate reasons that organizations may have a need for more than one system.  When those systems work together, then you can concentrate your time and budget on what matters most (customers).

·         Our service level is second to none.

o   On time, accurate production and delivery.  Sufficient, but not excessive inventory levels.  Reduced overhead, better planning.  Who benefits?

·         Saturday cashier levels dropped from 4-5 to 2 or 3 people.

o   Reduce labor costs, more efficiency, quicker customer checkout.  Redeployed labor to areas in greater need.  Win-win.

·         We stopped having to look else ware.

o   The solution does what it says it will.  Our ERP supplier not only promised, but delivered.  Our operations are better.  Our customers are happier.  We are happier.  Finally.  A supplier that treats its customers how they like to treat their customers.


Any solution should not only drive efficiency to lower costs, but should have the net effect of delivering the best possible customer service possible.  No one has an unlimited budget.  So Return on Investment (ROI) is important.  Any organization that invests in itself wants to feel comfortable that they made wise decisions. 


How your ERP solution provider treats you is an indicator of how you treat or would like to treat your customers.  How well do you stack up?  How happy are your customers?  When was the last time you asked them?  Have any given you a referral (with or without you asking for one)?


Each time I watch this video I see and hear another aspect of this particular ERP solution and I look to see how that highlighted feature, module or solution better enables that company to serve their customers.   Take three minutes now and go watch it again:



What would the net effect of an investment like this one have on internal operations and personnel?  Will it enable them to achieve better levels of service to their organization and their customers?


At Dolvin Consulting we like solutions that achieve the same high level of standards to which we hold ourselves.  Contact us today to see how we can help you help your customers.



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