Monday, July 1, 2013

Trial and Error

I have discussed Berk Enterprise in the past.  Still a great company as far as I know and I hope they continue to be successful.  What I find interesting is what points stand out when I take another look at their video.  Each time I see something new.



There are a number of really good points made in their video.  The point(s) that stick are most likely indicators of areas in your organization that could use improvement.  Or areas where you wish you had more comfort.  We tend to focus on our biggest concerns.  And for a good reason.  What do you see and hear? 


After thinking about some recent conversations I have had with some prospects and associates lately, this video highlights a consistent theme that I see either lacking or celebrated.  The relationship between the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution provider and the business is really critical. 

If budget were not an issue a lot companies would make changes in what they were using and who they worked with.  Most businesses at least want to know that they are doing the best they can with the available resources at their disposal. 
Would a new system drive enough efficiency to pay for itself?

Who do you trust?  Does a proven track record matter?  Does the size of the organization providing support matter?  Are they one or two people sitting in a garage?  Are they thousands of employees spread over the globe?  Are they regional and sized big enough to maintain what they have created and develop new modules to meet the changing demands of your industry, yet small enough to take the time to talk with you?  Will they (how will they) help you stay competitive?

Do you have the feeling that you are being left behind?  Have you so modified your systems in an effort to keep up with demand that it takes too many people to keep everything tied together and working?  Are you spending your time on business operations or running your business?  Does your system provide the information you need, in the time frame you need it, to make intelligent decisions?

Do you think it would be wise to ask advice before planting a new tree in your yard?  After all, it might help to know what others have experienced.  How tall and wide will it get, does it require a lot of water, does it need special soil, will it tolerate the seasonal weather change, will it drop leaves, berries, or other debris?  Perhaps there is a reason why that nursery has experts to ask questions and give advice.

A trusted advisor can help span the gap between your organization and an ERP solution provider.  

Would having all of your separate operations consolidated in a single system help to drive efficiency?  Would being able to get as much or more information out of your system than you put in it be reason to consider making a change?  Better information, better forecasting, better planning.  Insight. 

There is a saying that the teacher appears when the student is ready. 

How well would you rate your company’s relationship with your ERP solution provider?  Are they investing in your future?  Do they care?  Are they sincere?  How well do they communicate with your people?  Do they follow through?

Do they listen?

At Dolvin Consulting, we work with you to understand your challenges, what keeps you up at night.  We work with your team to improve the efficiency of your operations with the goal of reducing your costs and increasing profits.  Contact us today to see how we can help.  We do care.  We will listen.  No false promises, just conversation.       

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