Monday, September 2, 2013

Is Your ERP Solution Smart?

While many organizations are utilizing the Internet more and more, many still hesitate on operating their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system from the Internet.  For some companies that are dispersed geographically the Internet is an ideal solution.  Single location companies have more concerns justifying this choice.  There are some clear advantages of a hosted solution, like not having to worry about infrastructure, ensuring an uninterruptible power source, cooling, environmental concerns and scalability.  On the other side chief concerns about security, access and ownership are at the top.


Many companies see the internet as the future of Enterprise Computing.  The question is not “if”, but “when”.  At some point in time the scale of risk/benefits inevitably swings to where it will make sense. 


One of the derivatives of Internet computing is the user interface, which is usually the Web Browser.  Providing a universally available application base, consistent user interface and a selection of customizations is a necessity of Internet computing.  On premise solutions benefit also from these enhancements as well, but the time pressure tends to be less critical and is a good method of transition.  Get users used to a newer interface and then it will be transparent where the actual computing takes place.   


Delivering software through a browser with a flexible web interface enables ERP users with a single sign on of all web applications which simplifies the user experience, increases productivity and minimizes training costs.  In addition, web based software provides mobile access enabling every user in the organization immediate anytime, anywhere computing. 


Utilizing new technologies enables ERP users to compete at a higher level and by leveraging the flexibly and mobility that the web provides they have unlimited growth potential.

The future of computing will certainly at one point in time or another will include a transition to the Internet.  How committed is your ERP solution provider to providing this transition for your business?  Immediate access from a single sign-on to fully integrated and accurate enterprise data, CRM, Analytics, and mobility access are immediate benefits.  Cost reductions and improved efficiency result from this type of implementation. 


Anytime, anywhere access is one of the most critical and fastest growing areas that businesses are focused.    Business intelligence dashboards provide quick top level navigation to activity that needs attention.


How well are you prepared for the future?  Are you using a smart system?  A system you tailor to your user’s needs?  A system then enables your organization to deliver superior customer service?

The future is waiting for you. 

At Dolvin Consulting we work with industry experts like VAI and IBM to deliver proven effective systems that streamline your computing operations to drive efficiency in your organization.  Contact us today to see how we can help you transition to the future.  We are here to help.


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  1. No doubt Web based ERP has a great demand today, but being browser based, has ensured that it is fully secured for data or report confidentiality and maintains at a very high level.