Monday, September 30, 2013

Outstanding Customer Service and Support

“With truly automated operations and real-time access to critical data, we are now able to offer customers outstanding service and support that truly sets us apart from the competition.”  - Judith Madden, CFO Golden Light Equipment (GLE) and Heartland Auto-Chlor Systems LLC (HRT)

Benefits: Implementation Results
·         Fast, seamless integration.
·         Real-time accounts receivable control and inventory updates.
·         Reduced costs associated truck routing. 
·         Eliminated human error, manual processes and employee resources.

Goal: Streamlined Manufacturing Processes and Improved Inventory Management.

Many organizations depend on GLE for timely information and deliveries.  Business growth meant that the amount of information being collected and processed grew with the business.  Central management is critical to continued growth.  Their old system limited ability to efficiently and cost-effectively perform critical every day sales and service functions.  Service billing was a labor intensive process.

In addition, sales and service reps didn’t have a clear snapshot of what products customers were using, what they were already billed for and what they already paid.

Warning: These challenges are a recipe for unhappy customers, frustrated staff and lost profits.

The solution sought would need to automate and integrate all of its ERP processes and provide an accurate, real-time view and control of the organizations’ customer and inventory data.  Additionally ease-of-deployment and real-time data discovery became critical determining factors.

Business Results


After implementing VAI S2K remote access and service billing, the entire billing and invoicing process was completely automated, allowing GLE and HRT to significantly enhance the level of service and support they provide to customers.


Automation is the key to efficiency and profitability.  Reduction in costs and high Return on Investment (ROI) are common benefits.


Leveraging mobile technology was a key factor in upgrading its service and support functions.  By arming Auto-Chlor’s service teams in the Amarillo, Lubbock, Wichita and Kansas City divisions with tablets and handhelds, technicians are now able to gain remote access to


More and more operations are learning how to properly implement and take advantage of mobile technology.  It is not just a matter of saying “we can do that on a tablet, smart phone, etc”.  It is the ability to utilize the type of technology that enables efficient use of resources.


VAI S2K, providing real-time access to key business applications, and inventory and customer data.

Real time should be the goal of any data collection.  Business management needs quick access to information that reflects the current state of operations and not days or weeks old information.


Furthermore, all of the data generated from Auto-Chlor’s service billing is sent directly back to GLE and HRT in real-time and is automatically updated in the main system that connects back to the handhelds. Invoicing is now done directly and automatically through the handhelds to eliminate thousands of dollars a year in postage costs and an inefficient paper process.


Automation, reduction in paper work, less errors, reduced costs equals opportunities to increase profits.


“Not only was the implementation of VAI S2K seamless and quick, but its performance has been flawless as well. Since deploying, technicians are no longer burdened with customer service and billing issues, and we have been able to integrate all of our ERP systems so that we have one, accurate view of all our data,” said Madden.


Seamless – Good.  Quick – Better.  Flawless performance – Great.  The results speak for themselves. 


The deployment of VAI S2K has been so successful for Auto-Chlor and its clients, that the company is looking to expand its use of S2K by investing in VAI’s retail and warehouse management systems (WMS) offerings to extend the value of innovative, streamlined and cost-effective processes.


Leverage success in one area to justify continued growth with additional streamlined operations. 


Implementation Key Benefits

·         Rapid implementation.

·         Seamless integration of VAI S2K.

·         More efficient and up-to-the-minute inventory management.

·         Real-time accounts receivable control.

·         Transitioned from paper to electronic records/management.

·         Reduction of human error, manual processes and employee resources.

·         DOT sheets can be printed automatically based on truck loads.

·         Suggested truck loads can be obtained and altered in real-time.

·         Royalties and commissions generated automatically in the system after each sale.

Final Thoughts:

I am always happy to relate stories of companies that have taken the time to evaluate their processes and find ways to streamline their operations.  Automation is the only truly effective way to increase your businesses’ competitiveness in the marketplace.  Streamlining operations leads to lower costs and increased profits.  Those profits relate to high returns on investment. 

What is really nice to learn from this company’s experience is that they value their customers.  The results of their investment have gone to better customer service and fulfillment.  When companies get this concept and it becomes an integral part of their culture, then they are positioning themselves for the future. 

Nothing is more important than customer loyalty. 
Customer loyalty is earned by exceeding their expectations by making investments in your infrastructure to ensure accurate and available inventory, providing accurate information and feedback, and saying thank you.

What are you doing to help your customers compete effectively?
At Dolvin Consulting we believe that improvements in operational efficiencies are a worthwhile investment.  Let us help you see your business from a different vantage point.  We are here to help.  All you have to do is contact us for more information.

Thank you.

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