Monday, November 25, 2013

ERP and Tattoo Decisions

Well, congratulations you have made the permanent decision to get a tattoo.  Hopefully it was a sound mind decision, because they tend to be permanent.  Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) decisions can have the same lasting effect, especially if not made well.


Unfortunately people are not required to be of sound mind when they get a tattoo nor are they required to consult with a trusted advisor or have a required waiting period.  Most of us have seen the person that seems to just keep looking for open patches of skin to get another dose of ink.  Perhaps we have also seen someone who has a plan.  The results are quite different to look at and appreciate.  This is not to say that both types of people do not enjoy their ink.  Typically each tattoo tells a story and has its own meaning to the owner. 


From an outsiders impression there is a difference.  A well executed plan, a vision of the future, what the whole body will look like in the future and the realization that the decisions we make today really do make a difference. 


Each ERP solution had meaning to the business owner when the decision was made.  Each has perhaps a new meaning now.  Remediation and corrections are possible, but each has its associated costs.


What is involved in getting a tattoo? 


Given a little thought, then it might be comparable to what a business might go through to make the sound decision to implement or change an ERP solution. 


Really?  Let us take a closer look.


You start with a decision.  You want a tattoo and it is to be part of a whole body plan.  You want a working ERP solution and it should incorporate the entire organization.  What you have does not satisfy anyone’s needs or work.


You gather ideas.  What would the image look like?  What would operations be like with a working ERP solution.  How will this decision affect the future?  What about what you have now?


You make plans.  Where will you get the work done?  Do they have a good reputation?  Are they clean and sterile?  Do you feel safe working with them?  What support services and fixes will you likely need after purchase?  What kind of experience do they have?  Have they worked with anyone like you or your business?  What if you do not like the results?


You get a consultation.  Get some advice, check qualifications, verify pricing, find out what happens if you are not happy, what happens afterwards, how do you recognize if there is a problem, what are your support contacts?  How do you care for the new artwork?  The ERP solution?  Do they have referrals?


You make a commitment.  Decisions, decisions.  What will you do?  Do you have the resources, are you willing to go through with “it”?  Once you decide to move forward, is there a back door escape route?  What remediation options are there?


You get a design.  Review and approve what the end result should look like.  Trial run, check scale and apply pattern to the area to make sure the fit is right.  What colors, what business impact?  Does it seem right? 


You start with an outline.   It does not happen all at once.  You start with the outline and even though it too is permanent, it does offer an opportunity for check and review.  How is the pain level now?  Will it get better or worse?  Will you be able to tolerate the transition from before to after? 


You fill in the open spaces.  You have the outline, now comes the color.  With any change comes pain.  Nothing that requires this type of commitment is pain free.  Regardless, the image starts to take shape.  The ERP solution is implemented one department at a time.  It might not all get done in one sitting.  Good work takes time.


You get a chance to appreciate the investment.  What was the idea that drove the original decision?  Hopefully it is still relevant.  How did it turn out?  Did you follow the plan?  How long did it take?  How happy are you with the person that performed the work?  What will you be able to do now?  How has it transformed your operations?  What else needs to be done?


You make tweaks to what you have.  What you have is great, but was it a onetime stop that fulfilled all of your needs or was it a stepping stone to a bigger picture?  Sometimes a single image or solution is all you need.  Sometimes you know you need to start by stepping in and fulfill a current need and then add-on to address future needs and growth. 


Tattoo or ERP? 


Both require commitment.  Both are decisions with a long life span.  Both have remediation steps if things go terribly wrong.  Hopefully that will not be necessary, because you took the time to do your research, plan the outcome and secure the resources needed to achieve the desired results.  Both also have great benefits if done right.


More than likely you have or will consult with a trusted advisor.  Someone that has experience in what you are planning.  Someone with experience that can guide you through the process you will likely encounter.  Someone to help you look at what you have with new fresh eyes and supply you with the resources needed to not only make an intelligent decision, but also implement a successful solution.


At Dolvin Consulting we have the experience and partnerships to help you make better informed decisions.  Decisions that will help you to streamline your operations, reduce costs, and increase profitability.  Decisions you will not regret later.  Contact us today to see how we can help.

* Tattoo photograph courtesy of Vincenza (C) 2013

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