Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The High Cost of Screwing Up a Software Implementation

They say the devil is in the details, and nowhere is that more true than in software implementations. Read this cautionary tale from TEC Analyst Chris Tanner to discover how getting just one important detail wrong in an IT project can cost time, money, and maybe even your job.

The essence of the article points out how important your ERP solution provider is and how much they concentrate on your needs and not just their commission.  As the author points out a very critical license issues was overlooked causing major headaches later on. 

Picking the right software involves not only the software, but the software provider. 

It is critical that you have a good working relationship with the provider and you have conversations with not only sales people, but managers, and yes owners.  Privately held companies, such as VAI pride themselves on giving all customers access to all team members from top to bottom.  It is one way in which VAI and business partner Dolvin distinguish themselves from the masses.

If you are not able to meet with the owner of the company and review your concerns, issues and agenda, then who are you working with?

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