Friday, November 12, 2010

Just in Time Inventory Control Systems

Just In Time Inventory Control Systems are about eliminating waste and gaining the most value out of your operation. Just In Time Inventory Control Systems provide the platform for Lean Manufacturing, enabling you to have the exact amount of materials and inventory you need, when you need it- no more and no less.

Inventory remaining in your warehouse collects dust and cost instead of revenue. In addition to lost profit from administration, financing and storage costs, inventory in your warehouse has to be insured or is exposed to risk such as fires, floods, obsolescence, and market depreciation. And raw material inventory remaining in the warehouse for a sluggish product can be a significant drag in markets that demand fast product changes.

Competitive markets reward fluid operations, responsive to costs and opportunities, requiring assets that produce revenue. A fluid, responsive operation enables you to move product quickly, based on demand with purchase orders in step with inventory movement. The end result? Faster movement of accurate quantities of inventory, responsive to your markets, with faster time to revenue.

Just In Time Inventory Control Systems are delivered through a combination of software and services, supported by experts with wide experience in the business of manufacturing and distribution. The bottom line: we bring hand's-on understanding, value and experience to your unique business challenges, working closely with you to implement the solution that works best.

With Just In Time Inventory Control Systems, you quickly automate procedures that:
·         Scan inventory upon receipt at the warehouse
·         Enable purchase orders to be available on a real time basis
·         Allocate incoming inventory to customer orders
·         Ship inventory as soon as it's received at the warehouse dock
·         Confirm the shipment of merchandise to customers
·         Easily track that the correct items and quantities were fulfilled

Part of an Enterprise-Wide Solution Specializing in helping manufacturing and distribution companies increase efficiency, improve customer service and augment cash flow. We do this by delivering an integrated combination of software and services for inventory control and inventory management including: Supply chain management, Manufacturing software, Distribution management, Inventory tracking, Warehouse management and Logistics, Just in time inventory control, Retail, Supply chain management, Ebusiness software, Sales Force automation & CRM, Purchase order management, plus a team of experts in the business of manufacturing and distribution. The bottom line: we understand your business challenges and work closely with you to implement the solutions that work best for your company.

We have been providing solutions since 1998.  We were here for you then, we're here for you now and we'll be here tomorrow. 

Dolvin Consulting Enterprise Software Solutions, powered by VAI S2K Family of Products and the leading technologies developed by Vormittag Associates, Inc. (VAI). Vormittag Associates Inc. (VAI) is a Premier IBM Business Partner and award winning software developer. The company's enterprise software product, S2K, offers a suite of dynamic applications for the wholesale distribution, manufacturing, and retail industries. Designed for the small to mid-range market, S2K is in use in over 700 companies worldwide. Most important, the flexibility and adaptability of S2K enables Dolvin Consulting Solutions to easily accommodate even your most pressing and complex business requirements.

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