Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Who does Dolvin Consulting serve?

As you are well aware, in today’s business environment, it’s essential for businesses to increase profitability through increased sales and great customer service while maximizing operational efficiencies.

Ask yourself if your business benefit from:
·         A more efficient and integrated Ecommerce system?
·         More precision in your warehouse and inventory control?
·         Information at your fingertips, allowing more immediate & precise customer service responses & decision making?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, we can help your organization save thousands of dollars each month.

Dolvin’s mission is to serve our clients by making their lives easier and more productive by providing them the resources that allows them to achieve their goals. We hold our selves accountable to exceed our client’s expectations and we take extreme pride in providing the highest quality service of which we are capable.

Our primary service is the installation of Integrated Enterprise Mangement Systems that allow our clients to have real time access to key information they need to effectively manage their businesses.

With our Partners Vormattag Associates, Inc. and IBM, we can provide you with the most effective, comprehensive and cost effective enterprise management system available in the mid sized company market today.

We use a consultative approach that ensures that our system is customized specifically to meet your needs. We’ll work with your team to ensure that you immediately start gaining the efficiencies that your business needs to maintain and increase it’s competitive advantage. 

If your business could benefit from a state of the art, enterprise management system that will help you beat out the competition or if you simply want additional information please complete the contact request form. We’ll follow your instructions.

Thank you for your response.
Best Regards

President – Dolvin Consulting, Inc.

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