Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Best Practices for Selecting ERP Software

Best Practices for Selecting ERP Software.  ERP solutions are, by nature, large and complex. How do you select the solution best-suited to your firm?

Focus Research has posted a six point best practice for selecting Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions.

Best Practices Checklist

    These are all good points.  I would think that if you do not have #1 down, then the rest are going to be very difficult to manage with the possible exception of #5.  This is where Dolvin works as your trusted advisor to first and foremost determine if there is a good fit between your challenges and the available solutions.

    Dolvin partners with VAI and IBM to bring growth oriented solutions to your challenges.  Contact us for more information.  Browse our success stories on-line.

  1. Know your requirements.

  2. Make sure vendor competencies match your requirements.

  3. Check vendors’ training and support resources.

  4. Treat your ERP project as a change-management project.

  5. Enlist the aid of consultants.

  6. Don’t skimp when allocating resources.
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