Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Is it time to look for a new solution?

Is it time to look for a new solution?

Perhaps a desire for a deeper understanding of business information through Business Intelligence (BI) drives your search for new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software.  Perhaps demand for data on the go, mobility, or mobile access dominates your horizon.  Sometimes there is a need to stay current so you can be competitive.  Has your frustration reached an all time high?  How long does it take to pick, ship, and invoice your customers? 

So much has changed in the ERP software market that is important to understand what capabilities your current solution can offer.  When there is a gap between real need, not just the latest marketing hype for the latest greatest thing, and current functionality, then it is time to start looking for solutions.

Sometimes the solution is with your current ERP solution.  Are you on the latest release?  Does your supplier have a new revision in beta testing that will address your challenges?   Has your current software supplier been acquired or merged or is in the process of doing the same with other solution?  Do they have the resources to listen and address your needs or are they so busy with their own integration that they just hope you are patient?   Do they even care if your business slides behind?

Is now the best time to replace or upgrade your legacy system?  What benefits have other businesses achieved from their modernization?   How do you actually know if you have outgrown your current system? 

Does your solution have trouble scaling?  For example, operations were fine when you did 200 invoices daily, but now that we invoice 300 customers, there just is not enough time in the day to process the orders.

Small/mid size businesses are searching for solutions that can help them be competitive with larger enterprises.  Solutions that are faster to implement, simpler to use, and more affordable. 

Are you tired of maintaining disparate systems that are costly and inefficient?  Frustrated, because you do not have access to key business information needed for strategic decisions?  Solutions exists, but are they affordable?  What do they cost to purchase/license, install, operate and maintain? 

A Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) analysis should be run in addition to a Return on Investment (ROI) when considering a new solution.

Will you be able to streamline your financial, manufacturing and distributions processes?  Improve control of your business with key metrics to enable better decision making?  Improve your Supply Chain Management (SCM) operations?  Reduce your costs or just pour more money down the drain.

We would like to encourage you to contact us at Dolvin, If you would like to learn more about cost effective solutions available.

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