Monday, May 30, 2011

Enterprise Performance and Value for Small to Midsize Businesses

IBM VIP Program

IBM VIP Program

ISV’s such as VAI and IBM exchange views on the VIP Program....

The IBM System i offerings provide a unique business advantage with competitively priced solutions. The new user based priced system allows the small and medium businesses growth opportunities. The VIP program is designed for ISV’s to bring a highly reliable solution to the select vertical market.

Our customers do not buy Technology, they buy solutions.  IBM’s System-I  is the ideal platform for growing businesses that need reliability and performance.  VAI delivers a one-stop total solution and develops and maintains long-term partnerships with its customers.  VAI’s focus is on solutions that deliver Enterprise performance and value for small to midsize businesses.

VAI works with its customers to understand their needs and find and apply the appropriate solution.

Dolvin hopes that it can help to fulfill your technology challenges.
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