Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Major Canadian seafood supplier automates business…

Seacore Seafood is a full line importer, distributor and custom processor of fresh and frozen fish, seafood, and live lobster.  Located in the Toronto suburb of Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada, Seacore’s Retail division, Seafood Depot, is one of the largest seafood outlets in the world.  Seacore uses S2K for Food, along with S2K Retail Point of Sale (POS), to automate its business processes, allowing expansion.

The past included stand-alone systems that did not integrate well, tedious manual processes based on paper, latency in reporting, not having an on-time accurate inventory system.  To enable growth this company accepted the fact that they had to change.  The needs were simple enough: incorporate wholesale, retail, and Ecommerce in a single system. 

The goal, utilize a single integrated inventory system throughout their entire operation.  The benefits included accurate order entry and fulfillment, automatic route fulfillment, flexibility in use, better and easier customer service, customer self service, and quicker turnaround time to analyze financial results. 

All the information needed at your fingertips resulting in expansion and an increase in sales.

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