Wednesday, November 30, 2011

10 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Midmarket ERP Solution

10 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Midmarket ERP Solution

Don’t you just love it when someone produces a top-10 list of questions you already know?  Doesn’t it makes you feel better that you think you have the answers and are up to date?  Well, at least until you dig a little deeper and really begin to wonder about the questions and the answers and how they pertain to your operations.

Read Inside-ERP’s guide by following the link below:

Highlights from the article:
1.       Do you know and understand the business problems your organization’s business leaders plan to solve with ERP?
2.       Does your organization have a business-application vendor already?
3.       Does your organization have any legacy ERP systems to contend with?
4.       Is a vertical ERP solution suitable for your organization?
5.       What functionality will your organization actually use?
6.       Does the ERP solution align with your organization’s business processes?
7.   Does your organization have the IT resources necessary to support an on-premise installation?
8.       What kind of services will your organization require from the ERP vendor?
9.       What is the true cost of the ERP solution?
10.   Does the vendor have a clear long-term product strategy?

At first you think you know the answers.  After all the questions are not complicated, it is what the answers unearth that makes you lose sleep.  Then you begin to wonder, can we really make the changes necessary to compete globally?  It sounds costly and it is probably a lot of work.  We do not have enough staff now.   

Maybe what we have is not so bad.  Maybe we can squeeze a little more productivity out of our reduced staff.  Maybe the competition is having the same thoughts and we really do not need to do anything at all.  Maybe I will still get my year-end bonus. 

Maybe things are not so bad.  Really? 

If you said “Yes”, then stop reading now, no one is going to help your business until you are replaced.  The only constant is change and its pace is increasing each day and your competition is not only worried about it too, they are doing something about it.  Successful businesses will analyze the risks and take action.  Growing businesses are ones that take the time to learn and grow, embrace change, and think long-term.

You might not have the budget to do everything you would like to do, but you should always be looking for new solutions that can be incorporated when the time is right.  Find out what others are doing right and incorporate as much as you can.  That is how and why the Lean Manufacturing practices are attributed to Toyota.  An entire industry of change based on a best practice leader.

Dolvin Consulting works with manufactures, distributors and retailers to help them streamline their operations so they operate more efficiently, reduce costs, and become more profitable.  We do not know who you are, so you have to contact us. 

We cannot promise you anything, but we will listen and do our best to help. 

Remember, we do not sell software, we find solutions.

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