Monday, January 9, 2012

Accuracy, Process and Relationship result in significant Return on Investment

Indiana based Robert Weed Plywood (RWP) has been manufacturing and distributing building materials since 1966. The S2K Warehouse Management System streamlined their Train/Rail unloading process to their distribution center. Forklifts and removable RF Devices allowed the picking process to build pallets with accuracy and product precision.

Customer service needs were the initial driving force for change.  VAI Developer support worked closely with the Information Technology (IT) department, which fostered the right, custom solution for a to support RWP’s business operations.

RWP was able to go to the next level (break the glass ceiling) by upgrading and incorporating the Warehouse Management System (WMS) in their operations.  Business level grew as did the transactions.  With their old system everyone would have been “frazzled”.  The new system with its checks and balances enabled the company to process more volume with less headaches.

·         Improved efficiencies.
·         Much quicker order processing.
·         Company costs reduced.
·         Far fewer returns.
·         Fewer miss-picks.
·         Less wrong shipments.
·         Increased accuracy.

·         The right material, right away, done right the first time resulting in a significant Return on Investment (ROI). 
·         Physical inventory time cut from days and significant manpower to hours.  RWP is very pleased.  Their system is accurate 99% of the time.  No matter where you are, regardless of location or in-transit, they know what they have and where it is.
·         Radio Frequency (RF) devices deliver on their promise of increased accuracy due to process improvements.

·         RWP’s entire system is integrated.  One system.  One voice.  The relationship between RWP and VAI, their developer, is productive.  They have open dialog and appreciate the response and outsourcing.

Besides the great ROI, this is a great example of how a company with challenges teamed up with a developer who took the time to listen and learn.  VAI did not try to force RWP to mold its business to their software.  They worked together to enhance a base system with custom changes to meet their needs. 

While there needs to be some constraint with modifications as they can destabilize an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution, these changes were made carefully by the developer.  The resulting efficiencies are evidence that this job was done right.  Not all solutions need to be customized, there should be some flexibility on the part of the enterprise, but it is comforting to know that changes can be done when needed (not just wanted).

I would like to suggest to you that Dolvin Consulting who is a business partner with VAI takes the time to understand your challenges and find the right solution for you, even if it is not VAI.  If you are reading this now, take five minutes and contact us.  We cannot promise you anything, but we will listen and do our best to help you.

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