Monday, January 23, 2012

Leading paper distributor continues to grow using e-Business solution

As a leading paper, packaging and chemical supplier, Joshen serves more than 8,000 customers including supermarkets, convenience stores, drug stores, institutions, wholesalers and the food service industry throughout North America.  Joshen maintains an inventory of more than 10,000 packaging items, 1,000 janitorial items and 2,000 label variations and serves the diverse needs of its customers.  S2K Enterprise Portal software for E-Business allows Joshen to branch out to new markets.

Start with the end in mind. 

The partnership between VAI, the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system provider, and Joshen has enabled significant growth into markets that were not previously viable.  VAI has been a real partner providing support and new ideas when needed.

The flexibility of the ERP solution coupled with the ease of use, ease of implementation and right price point provided a platform for growth and the ability to keep up with the competition.

·         Increased productivity through the purchasing module enabled the Buyers to use suggested purchases instead of reviewing several reports.
·         Increased service levels from 90 to 98 percent.
·         Simplified processing.
·         Find stock and fill orders with barcode automation.
·         Quick and effective inventory handling.
·         Elimination of floor paperwork providing real-time information for the company.
·         Ecommerce solution enables customers to self serve their needs on their time frame.
·         Customer can do research, ordering, check order status, check account status, check pricing, maintain their budgets.
·         Growth into new markets and smaller markets that they could not compete effectively before.
·         Flexibility.

Faster analysis of their business market makes Joshen more profitable and able to capture greater market share.

Some things to think about when considering a new solution: 
ü  Is it worth the investment? 
ü  Will it be easy to implement? 
ü  What type of support will I receive?
ü  What happens after I purchase this system?
ü  What if I do not understand this new technology? 
ü  What if my employees reject our efforts to modernize? 
ü  Who will train my staff?
ü  How will we manage the transition?
ü  Will our customers understand and adopt our new technology?
ü  We are unique, we looked and found that there is no solution for us.
ü  How long will it take to make a Return on Investment (ROI)?
ü  What about the long term, the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)?
ü  How do I know I am making the right decision?
ü  I hear a lot of these systems have cost overruns, take too long, fail and put companies out of business.
ü  How soon will we be out of business if we continue to do business the same old way?

Got questions?  We cannot promise you anything, no one can.    At Dolvin Consulting we take the time to ask these and many other questions.  We have a vested interest in your success.  We work with your team to make sure that there is a good fit between your challenges and the solutions we provide.  Come check us out and contact us today and start the ball rolling.

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