Monday, January 16, 2012

Enterprise Business Growth needs Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems provide the centralization of information that is the foundation and framework for business growth.  True growth happens with the various parts of your business work in harmony and peak efficiency. 

Bob Vormittag, President of VAI, comments on the future of ERP Solutions.

ERP solutions work in many industries, but are a best fit for Wholesale Distributors, Manufacturers, and Retailers that attempt to maintain an optimum inventory levels to meet their customer demands without the overhead that overstocking creates.  

ERP software aids in the automation and integration of Financial Management, Customer Service, Inventory Management and Control, Warehouse automation (WMS), online Web Ordering, Salesforce Automation, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to name some of the primary modules found in today’s solutions.

ERP is designed to keep companies running at peak efficiency through integration and data metrics, which in turn enables high levels of customer service, just in time (JIT) inventory, and best pricing by streamlining the processes throughout the organization.

ERP is the future of business growth.  Tighter integration with the Internet, being connected 24/7, linking customers and trading partners in the global economy.  Anytime, anywhere computing model, cloud computing and increased interaction in social media forums.

If your organization handles inventory at some level, then you already know that an ERP solution is a necessity.  Whether you are growing and looking for your first system or you have been running an existing system for several years, now is the time to look to see if making a change is the right move.  No one can answer that question over the phone, by email or by reading a blog post. 

It takes time working with advisors like Dolvin Consulting to map out your existing process and compare that with industry best practices to be able to determine what Return on Investment (ROI) is reasonable to expect from a new solution.  Maybe you are already running at peak efficiency.  Would you like to confirm that or just keep wondering if you could be doing something better?  

We cannot promise you anything except that we will do our best to match your challenges to available solutions and give you straight answers to your questions.  Contact us today to start the process. 

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