Monday, July 16, 2012

Companies Require Accurate Inventory Data to Function Effectively

“With our extensive product line, and the sheer volume of orders we receive on a daily basis, we needed a software solution to monitor this process effectively,” said Doug Trisnar, IT Director, Joshen Paper & Packaging. “Yet, we needed something much more comprehensive than a simple inventory solution. We wanted a software package that was capable of monitoring inventory turns, while simultaneously tracking potential shortages.”

Basic requirements:

·         Flexible enough to accommodate the seamless addition of new distribution facilities.

·         Capable of integrating Web-based ordering.

·         Provide consolidated financial reporting.

·         Dissect fiscal information to the distribution facility level with the stroke of a key.

·         Track sales and commissions.

·         Comply with varying state sales tax requirements.

·         Comprehensive, flexible ERP solution.

According to Trisnar, “VAI understood Joshen’s business and our unique requirements. Knowing that VAI could implement an enhanced version of S2K to offer the integrated Web and financial reporting capabilities that we needed to continue growing our business was an enormous advantage from our perspective.”

“Joshen runs a fast-paced, customer-driven business,” said Claudio Gallina, Project Director, VAI. “Tailoring a quick, efficient, scalable ERP solution to meet its expanding needs was a challenge. Yet, our experience in customizing enterprise management software and our commitment to understanding Joshen’s business requirements from the ground up gave us the edge in constructing a solution that met all of Joshen’s current requirements and anticipated many of its future needs.”

VAI’s S2K solution allows Joshen to achieve all of its information technology objectives in one comprehensive package.  What’s more, one simple keystroke is all that is needed to perform to obtain essential management reports and financial information.  Notably, the e-commerce application has already added approximately 100 new customers to the company’s customer base.

Joshen had many challenges common to distributors and manufacturers.  A new version of their software and new Ecommerce modules provided the infrastructure needed to fuel growth. 

Control your inventory and streamline processing (i.e. make it easier for customers to do business with you) and there will be a great Return on Investment (ROI).  The economy is tight and we all have that pressure and constraint.  Inventory or as I like to say “boxes on shelves” has one of the highest returns.  Even small reductions in inventory translate to big savings.  Ship the right product on time to the right customer.  Purchase what you need, when you need it.  Give management dashboard-drilldown inquiries.  These are just some of the goals companies like yours can use to increase profitability.

What is equally great and worth noting is the working relationship between Joshen and VAI.  There is a team approach.  There are detailed question and answers.  Understand your client and help them achieve their goals.  You achieve your goals after you help others achieve theirs.  Both sides have a vested interest in each other and there is trust.

How would you like, how much better would you sleep, if you had faith that the people you work with really cared?

Dolvin Consulting cares.  Period.  We are here to help.  Contact us today to see how we can match your challenges with available solutions.  The ball is in your court.  We do not know who you are, but you know who we are.  Nothing to lose, it is just a phone call.  Pretend you have a bad connection and just hang up, if you do not like what you hear.  Just be prepared that what we discuss may actually benefit you, your company and your workforce.

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