Monday, July 30, 2012

Food Distribution Software for Food Distributors

The Food industry is unique in its complexity and highly competitive nature.  Food providers are concerned about product movement from supplier to consumer, food safety, increasing throughput, containing costs and the need to drive efficiency in their operations.  Add to those requirements food service regulations and traceability and you can understand why an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution is a necessity, not just an option.

Common requirements of food manufacturers and distributors include:

·         Streamlining operations.

·         Optimize business operations.

·         Goods tracking.

·         Product Labeling.

·         Product quality testing and control.

·         Truck loading and routing.

·         Time constraints.

·         Allocating inventory.

·         Shorts and substitutions.

·         Document generation.

Automating and integrating business processing with ERP solutions includes not only food specific customer service and inventory control, but are likely to include modules featuring/including the following:

·         Financial management.

·         Rebate processing.

·         Distribution management.

·         Manufacturing management.

·         Route management.

·         Warehouse management.

·         Retail management.

·         Direct Store Delivery (DSD) and Fleet management.

·         Sales force automation.

·         E-Business.

·         Business Intelligence.

At some point in time everyone in the food industry struggles. 

It may be when they have outgrown manual processing or they struggle with warehouse and inventory control issues.  Perhaps they once had a comprehensive solution that they have now outgrown.  Maybe their systems have been patched and included numerous add-ons and now they are frustrated with all the upkeep. 

Outgrowing a solution forces organizations to look at same vendor upgrades, in house modification efforts, or the search for intelligence. 

How much is too much, what is the cost of doing nothing at all?  How much overtime is involved with your current operations?  How accurate is the inventory system in place now?  Are your customers asking for Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) or E-Business solutions?  Are you losing customers due to poor customer service?  Can you accurately tell a customer when their product is ready for shipment?  Do your customers receive what they order in an acceptable time frame (their time frame, not yours)?

Does your staff tell your customers what they cannot get, what will not work or do they get straight forward answers of what they will get and when?

Dolvin Consulting works.  We work hard to help you find and implement ERP solutions that will streamline your operations, reduce costs and help you to become more profitable.  We are not here to tell you how to run your business.  We are here to help you find new tools that will enable your staff to do what they do better, quicker, and with greater efficiency. 

Contact us today to see how we can help your team.

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