Monday, July 9, 2012

We were looking to enhance the performance levels of our staff

“We were looking to enhance the performance levels of our staff, thereby providing the best service possible to our customers and dealers.  After previewing VAI’s S2K line, we knew that it encompassed the robust features we needed to take our business to the next level.”

Syed H. Abdullah commented, “Access to a comprehensive view of real-time data has greatly enhanced Naghi Group’s operations.  In addition, S2K is so easy to implement and user friendly that the complete cycle from installation to go live was significantly reduced.  Our operations were up and running and reaping the benefits of VAI’s ERP solution in only a few months.”

At the time, an antiquated financial software solution was being used to manage all general accounting activities for Naghi Group, but it lacked the integration capabilities necessary to communicate with the distribution and manufacturing software used by firm. As a result, many hours per month were spent reconciling data to produce essential fiscal management reports.

What they wanted:

·         Provide real-time financial information accounting data, general ledger integration and financial statement reporting.

·         The ability to monitor inventory counts.

·         Manage purchasing activities accurately.

·         Streamline its financial, distribution and warehouse management functions into one integrated ERP package.

·         Streamlined operations.

·         Improve the firm’s customer service.

·         Accurate and timely business decisions.

·         Improve the company’s bottom line.

Access to accurate financial information -- quickly and easily -- was essential to the firms overall fiscal health.

Naghi Group purchased VAI’s S2K Distribution Suite, which includes financial, order entry, inventory, purchasing and sales analysis modules.  The implementation integrated all of these primary business functions so that management could view one set of accessible, current information from which to make decisions.

According to Ed Fowles, VAI Senior Project Leader, “VAI provides 24x7 help desk support to ensure Naghi Group of a smooth and uninterrupted IT environment.”

VAI customized a seamlessly integrated ERP software solution for Naghi Group, providing access to all of the company’s key business operations.

What Naghi needed is what many companies need today to remain competitive.  They knew that they needed complete integration.  The left hand must know what the right hand is doing.  How can you make intelligent decisions in a timely manner without all the information at your fingertips? 

The process to get integrated can take time to achieve.  They knew their current system was not adequate.  They were smart enough to seek help. 

They found a partner that cared as much about them as they care about their customers.

Even companies that have an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution may not be taking full advantage of complete integration.  They may be using an older version of which they have outgrown.  In growing they may have implemented other systems.  Those systems may have different levels of integration. 

One thing is for sure.  Every time you handle data/information with any type of manual process, it is going to get corrupted.  Even automated data manipulation can cause errors.

Three points are evident:

1.       Customer service (giving and receiving) is critical.  Your customers pay for everything every time they choose you and your company over competitors.

2.       To be and remain competitive an organization needs a fully integrated system.  More complete and accurate information delivered on time in a format that makes sense to enable better and quicker decisions.

3.       Organizations need a trusted advisor to help them navigate the constant flux in technology.  There is too much hype and promotion and not enough questions and answers.  The only way to know if a solution will work is to understand your own company’s operations.

Dolvin Consulting works with Manufacturers, Distributors, and Specialty Retailers to help them understand their own operations and to implement ERP solutions that integrate the Enterprise, reduce costs, grow and become more profitable.  Contact us today to see how we can help you.  We care.

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