Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Manufacturing Efficiency (VAI and IBM)

A fully integrated enterprise platform specifically designed to help manufacturers streamline efficiency, control inventory and optimize costs.




• Complete suite of applications to manage every aspect of manufacturing operations.

• Integration allows modules to provide a complete picture of materials, processes and capacity.

• Unified data repository provides a single version of the truth for decision making.

• Real-time data from the shop floor provides insight into work center productivity.

• Powered by robust, reliable and highly capable IBM computing systems.


This article highlights some things you already know and some you may have been thinking about. 

One would hope that an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution would offer modules to integrate the entire organization.  Unfortunately some software today does not do this.  They handle very specific suite of applications, but not everything you need.  Every organization has some unique requirements.  You solution should address those requirements fully.

Manufacturers have additional requirements beyond distribution and the solution needs to be able to address you needs.  Tying all those pieces together into a single repository of information is a key component to drive efficiency in your organization.  The left hand needs to know what the right hand is doing.    You need the information now, not at the end of the week when it will be too late to make a critical business decision.  Your competition is too quick to ignore.

The solution itself not only needs to be stable and well supported, but also the equipment that it runs on.  As a business owner you need to concentrate on the business, not the equipment it runs on.

Partnership.  Your ERP solution needs to be made with a partner that cares as much about your success as you do.  Both of your futures depend on it.  If you get the feeling that you are just one more sale and it is going to only help the Salesrep qualify for his bonus, then stop now.  You do not have a partner, you have a vendor-customer relationship. 

You are not buying a boxed copy of software off the shelf where you insert a disk into your computer or other server that just happens to be underutilized and are up and running in an hour.  ERP solutions are complex and you need a trusted advisor to help you first understand your business as it relates to available solutions and then a business partner to help you make the transformations needed to drive efficiency and profitability in your business.

Read the article and then contact Dolvin Consulting.  Let us invest some time together to see whether your challenges are met by this or any other solution.  We care and we want to prove that to you.  We promote solutions that enable you to drive efficiencies in your organization. 


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