Tuesday, September 11, 2012

VAI Explains Its (Quiet) Success in a Hotly Contested ERP Market – Part 1

VAI leverages IBM Websphere Portal middleware to deploy S2K Sales Force and IBM Cognos for the S2K Analytics application.  This is important because many of VAI’s customers are data rich but information poor.  VAI embraces these technologies so that it can give its customers the necessary tools to obtain the information they need to make better business decisions.

VAI S2K ERP Solution Family


Click here for the full blog post that P.J. Jakovljevic has written about Vormittag Associates (VAI) S2K software solution. 

Just having a solution is nice, but having a working solution is better.  The relevant points are:

1.       VAI truly partners with its customers to match the right solution to the current set of challenges.

2.       The Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution is sold in modules so each company can start with their current needs and add additional functionality later as needed.

3.       The system includes source code for those whose team members have core competencies in program development and VAI has well qualified staff to ensure any needed modifications will not affect the stability of the solution.

4.       VAI is large enough that you do not have to worry about someone getting run over by a bus, yet small enough that you can have an intimate relationship with them (at all levels in their organization).

5.       The S2K solution runs on IBM’s Power Systems.  These workhorses need comparatively little help which allows the business to save time and money.  The business can concentrate on running the business and not the equipment it runs on.  And, yes, there is a hosted/cloud version for any organization that is ready.


There are many fine points about the software and there are many other good ERP product solutions in the mid market.  What is important is the customer relationship that VAI develops with its client base.  This point cannot be over or under stated. 

Who would you like to work with?  Big-Company-X, Little Guy-Company-Y, or a vested partner?

Dolvin Consulting works with you and your team in partnership with VAI and IBM to deliver world class solutions that meet your budget.  The companies we work with typically struggle with warehouse and inventory control issues, want to streamline their operations or have a sense of frustration about the constant flux in technology.

Contact us today.  We are here to help.


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