Monday, October 22, 2012

Customer Experience

I read a recent article that focused on three key factors of successful companies and thought I would add my thoughts about how these points correlate to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution success.

1.       Change is a key component in growth. 

How many of us are where we are today without having had to change over time.  Did we all start out from college knowing how to do what we are doing?  Looking back on life we can see the decisions that got us here, but from back then could you have predicted this path? 

Likewise companies need to evolve and change.  That goes for both the company creating the ERP software as well as those implementing the solution.  I have heard many times that “we are happy with our solution”, “our business has not changed”, “our customers are happy”. 

Technology changes and the way organizations utilize new technology also changes.  I remember my old boss saying that he did not want to purchase a fax machine.  Could not understand the fuss, did not want the expense, where was he going to put it in the office, let alone the second phone line.  Perhaps only two weeks after plugging the machine in, he was praising the new technology, what this meant for the business productivity.  We could take information any time and batch process it instead of interactively. 

A whole new world opened that day.  The same is true for companies today that are embracing new technologies.  Not just change for the sake of change, but for the productivity and return the technology offers.  Not all change is good, but companies that embrace change potential and are looking for new ways to do the same old task in new and better ways tend to find themselves ahead of the competition.


2.       Personalized experience.  

We all want to feel special and we want that feeling to last past the point where the check clears.  Are we hearing genuine sincerity and concern for our company or are we hearing lip service?  Does the sales person see my challenges and have concern for the people I employ, because their jobs are on the line if this system does not work.  Am I just blanks filled in on a template or did the person take the time to interview me and figure out what my needs are?

Are our futures mutually vested?  Does their success depend on my success?    You care about your customers, does the ERP provider care about you?  How do they show it?  Can you meet with their president?  What programs do they have that are focused on my company leveraging the new technology?  How do I learn to utilize the solution the best possible way, the way I work with my customers?

3.       People make the difference. 

People do not care until they know you care about them.  Why do you pay a few cents more for products or services when there is something cheaper across the street?  Treat customers how you would like to be treated.

Do the people you work with have passion for what they do or do they just punch a time clock.  Do they have a vested interest in your success?

I do not remember the exact details, but the essence of this story illustrates the point.  A major auto manufacturer had a quality control problem.  This problem was directly related to morale.   If a supervisor stood over top of a line worker, they performed adequately.  If the supervisor went away over a period of time the line workers productivity and quality dropped.  When the auto manufacturer empowered all workers with the ability to stop the entire production line, because they saw an issue related to quality, the quality returned.  The workers felt that they were important and provided a valuable asset to the company.

Talent alone is not enough.   Good software alone is not enough.  People use the software to build and grow their business.  I would much rather work with someone who cared about me and my business as much as I do as with the smartest person alive. 


How well does your solution provider listen to your needs?  Do they have time for phone calls after the sale is done?  Are they there when you need them?  Is your success important to them?  Do they take pride in your accomplishments?

At Dolvin Consulting we have a vested interest in your success.  We work with industry experts to find and implement the solution that works with your business and one that provides the foundation for future growth.  We know that change is inevitable and growth is not an option, but a necessity.  Contact us today to see how we are different.

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