Monday, October 8, 2012

Fully Integrated Software and Happy Customers

“It used to take hours to come up with total sales for a given customer across all companies.  With S2K Sales Force, Algoma has the information with the click of a button.”


I have written about this company before.  Having faster access to information is good, but better is what they want to use the information for.  What seemed important then is still the same now.  The company had admirable goals including the want and need to improve customer satisfaction. 

First and foremost, that is a goal every company should have.  I can assure you that your competition has this goal and they want to prove it to your customers.  Algoma wanted to do this by increasing the efficiency of communication between their external and internal personnel. 

There should be no barrier to accessing customer related information when Salesreps are in front of their customers.  How do/would you feel when a sales representative is sitting in front of you and they do not even know what business you have done?  It makes you wonder if they even care.  Is your business worth anything?  Are you important?

In this particular case the company had a working Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system and a very good relationship with the supplier, VAI.  Many companies who are looking for a better way to manage their sales process look for software designed to manage those tasks.  In this case, since they were already happy with their ERP supplier, the added bonus was the full integration of a Sales Force module to their existing system. 

There are many good sales management software suites available.  Many have interfaces and links to tie into other systems.  Those links are critical, however, full integration will always be more efficient.  The more tightly integrated your system, the more efficient it will run with less overhead (labor) and support issues (accuracy). 

VAI Solution for Algoma:

VAI ERP Software Suite runs over the Web through the portal, which is integrated with Algoma’s product configurator system.  This integration allows quote and order information from the configurator to be viewed from within the sales portal.  VAI S2K Sales Force application enables Algoma’s sales force to review new leads, enter and track quotes and opportunities, record tasks, view open orders, check account status and payment history, and review account history.  Sales analysis screens allow them to track personal sales data, as well as customer and item sales data.  They can quickly react to customer issues and opportunities, as well as create to-do’s, email campaigns and other marketing tasks.

The above list is a sample of how one company utilized their available resources, namely the relationship they had with their ERP supplier, to meet the demands of their customers.  To remain competitive and responsive.  That is exactly what VAI has done in this case.  The result is a happier supplier/customer chain.  Which repeats as a happy supplier/customer chain for Algoma’s customers.

Dolvin Consulting’s goals are the same.  Happy customers.  Tap and utilize their industry partnerships to develop and maintain healthy supplier/customer relationships.  We have a mutually vested interest in your success.  Contact us today to see how we can help you streamline your computer operations. 


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