Monday, April 2, 2012

Incompatible Systems and Inefficiency

What happens when two companies merge and they determine that neither system is compatible with one another?  This incompatibility resulted in hours wasted re-keying data and swapping information via spreadsheets and other documents.

Having evaluated the business issues caused by having disparate systems, a decision was taken to source an integrated system that was robust, proven and scalable to cope with planned future growth, without the potential proliferation of more servers and the associated maintenance and energy costs.

The needs of this company were not that uncommon. 

·         A search for a totally integrated solution.  There has to be a strong reason to implement a new system that does not integrate the entire organization.  That is a core definition of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.  Separate systems lead to inefficiencies, errors, and rising costs.

·         Budget fit.  There are great many solutions in today’s market, but they will not do you any good, if they do not fit your budget and provide a reasonable Return on Investment (ROI).

·         Reasonable implementation time.  A great solution is only great if you can implement it across your enterprise in a reasonable amount of time.  Your ROI and staff confidence and ultimately your customers satisfaction depends on timely implementation.

Decision criteria. 

·         Powerful function.   The system needed to handle the current business units and allow for future growth.  You may have a good system, but if it takes a long time to display the information you need, then what good is it?

·         Ease of use across all areas of business.  They now enjoy faster, virtually error-free order processing and business reporting.  A good system delivers functionality, a great system delivers that functionality by providing an easy to understand and use system interface, including technical support.

·         Proven track record of success.  Implementation of a proven mid-market ERP solution with over 1,000 installations across the world.  You are investing in your company’s future.  It should be with a stable company with a proven track record of success.

·         Local support.  Help when you need it by people that know you and your business.  A proven solutions leader is important, but so is the guy who comes to your door, understands your business environment and your people.

“We knew that it was time to replace our home-grown disparate software systems with an advanced, flexible solution and were looking for an established, stable company who could help us select, implement and support a replacement system that satisfied all requirements." said Quirepace’s Financial Director Martin Chewter.

VAI's totally integrated ERP system has enabled the business to view data easily across all parts of the system, which is proving a major benefit in streamlining customer service management.

Dolvin Consulting is your local resource to industry leaders and experts.  We take the time to understand your challenges and concerns.  Call us today to see how we can help you with your operations.  We are here to listen and help.

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