Monday, April 9, 2012

Using the Solution to Solve the Problem

Chris Ward, Vice President, Mailender states, “While the operational inefficiencies in our warehouse management processes never affected our customers, it was putting a huge strain on our internal resources.  To ensure future growth for our organization and continue to provide the level of world-class service our customers have come to expect, we needed a standalone warehouse management technology that would easily integrate with our current legacy system and automate the inventory process.  VAI really took the time to understand our business, and after analyzing our goals and challenges we agreed the S2K Warehouse Management software would be the best fit for our needs.”


The challenge was to employ a system that effectively streamlines inventory management processes to improve time management, productivity, and help to better achieve business goals.


In terms of effectively utilizing labor hours, Mailender’s warehouse management team can now identify a product at any point throughout the order process and have clear paths of responsibility for order accuracy for each step.  The physical inventory process has been drastically reduced, significantly cutting down on the hours spent on identifying and re-counting physical inventory prior to count completion.  Product is located within minutes, negating the issue of manual discrepancies.


In addition, purchasing is more accurate, payables mistakes are reduced and, because inventory movement is now tracked and recorded at an increased rate, sales are posted in a timely fashion, all of which result in improving cash flow to the business.  


Rick Amato, Project Manager at VAI states, “We knew Mailender didn’t need an overhaul of its entire legacy system – it wanted an effective warehouse management tool that would integrate easily with what was already in place but would have significant impact on operational efficiencies and the bottom line. Our S2K Warehouse Management Software was the obvious choice for them, and because Mailender was implementing it as a standalone solution, the impact across all departments was felt almost immediately. We are currently exploring other ways in which VAI can help Mailender grow its business and improve its operational processes.”


Mailender did not need an entire new system.  They needed a partner that would take the time to listen and fully understand their challenges.  What they needed was an effective Warehouse Management System (WMS).  What they received was an effective WMS system.  Why?  Because, their partner and trusted advisor was not looking to “sell” them something they did not need.  They truly wanted to help.

Same story that has repeated so many times.  Look at your operations.  Identify areas for improvement that streamline operations and reduce costs.  These will lead to better profits.  What it also does is improve employee and management confidence.  Increased confidence means happier people.  The “knowing” that you are operating better than ever before.  How nice does a customer feel when they are dealing with an organization that has confidence in their system?

How much better do you feel when you do business with an organization that goes above and beyond?  Do you feel their confidence?  When you hang up the phone, how nice is it knowing and believing that your order will be delivered correctly and on-time?  What does it take for you to have these feelings?  Perhaps it is in the realization that the company you are doing business with had taken the time to take an honest appraisal of their operations and made the changes needed to satisfy their customers (you).

Dolvin Consulting works with manufacturers, distributors and specialty realtors to help them streamline their operations, reduce their costs and become more profitable.  Really.  That is what we do.  We have a vested interest in your success.  Our success depends on you do better. 

Contact us today to see for yourself.  We want to help.  Enough so, that if we cannot help you we will do our best to find somebody else that can help you.  We are waiting for you.

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